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League Play suggestion for the next installment of modern warfare


League play was introduced to COD in BO2, but the idea comes other titles. I hope the next installment of modern warfare can pick up on adding league play for  players that have more fun competing with better balanced teams. Here are things that need fixing from BO2's league play in order of priority. Hopefully, mw4 will consider picking up on league and fixing such things to make it a better experience than in BO2:


-The priority of matchmaking should be done based on making the fairest teams possible in a reasonable amount of time. I understand this is sometimes not possible to create quick matches when there aren't enough players playing near your skill level. In that case, the point system needs fixing as sometimes if I beat a much better team, I only receive a 10 points and when beating a much worse team, I receive 150.


-The team balancing system and point system should take into account when a full party plays vs a team that's not in a party. Generally speaking, the full party has more teamwork/skill vs a team of strangers not in a party. There are alot of good players that only party up with other good players to stomp on a team of strangers. The point system should take this into account too.


-Players that do well on a losing team should not lose alot of points if any at all. The point system should award players based on their skill individually and not on if they get stuck with bad players. In championship series, the best way for the system to tell is by their points and in tdm, it's by their k/d.


-I think people can leave a "match locked in" by joining a friend and/or disconnecting internet. If this can't be disabled/stopped, players should lose points for doing this. I understand a probation system was put in place but it's not as effective of making players lose points.


-Most of the time I get either +/-150 or +/-10 ladder points. The numbers in between don't appear often.


-League play should not effect stats as the players there are generally better. Better yet, it should have it's own separate stats.


-In public matches, domination and hardcore tdm are popular. These modes can be competitive, so they shouldn't be left out. Kill confirmed is also popular in pubs, but I'm not sure how competitive it would be in league with 2 teams that stick close together to protect tags. Might involve some luck, but I bring it up for debate.


-All of the modes in championship series involve alot of movement except for search which is towards the camping side. Search, tdm, and hardcore tdm should be combined as 1 series as they involve camping as a team, and domination should be added to championship as it involves teamwork on the move.


-Are bonus points necessary? The point system should award players based on their skill and not how much they play.


-League play should be promoted more. People have a habit of playing what they started with and are used to, which is public matches.