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Am I alone?


I have played the Hell out of this game and am reaching 70k kills. I have heard alot of complaining and most of it is just nonsense.


There are times where I am like no way but I move on and still kickass 90% of the time. Here are a few things that I think people complain about and its never because they lack skill.


1. Spawn trapping - This is due to your team getting owned. I am not saying that its fun to die in your first moments of a new life but you can thank your teamates. Its very simple how it works. There are two main spawn points and then there are random spawn points all over the map. If your a camper and your team is rushing the spawns will flip and your not going to have a good time. If you are rushing and your whole team is sitting in there own spawn, your not going to have a good time. If your team is losing the one on one fights and they have a good flanker, your not going to have a good time.

You need to stop running forward as soon as you spawn and wait for a couple of teamates instead of going rambo. Or your team needs to stop flipping the spawns if its killing half there team.


2. Lag - This game engine is old and the hit box is seperate from the figure. If you get shot around a corner its because your hit box wasn't. If they have that advantage then so do you. Either way you put yourself in that situation and you only have yourself to blame. Stop running non stop and move cover to cover. I have had some lag in games but I do believe its not near as bad anymore and there are alot of lag switchers.


3. Camping - This is the thing I hear the most. If you stop for second to shoot then they will cry camping. I have seen my share of campers and they are easy prey. I am a rusher all the way but get called a camper when I kill them and they didn't see it coming. I don't think people understand whet camping is. Caming is when you stay in a spot and don't move for along period of time. Everyone stops and looks around at hotspots for short periods of time and this is not camping. If you think that your only getting killed becuase they are camping then you are not skilled.


I guess my point was that just like in real life its never there fault. I never hear someone who just lost a fight say, " Damn my aim sucks".


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    I agree with you in some parts. But, I have to say that your view on lag is too simple. What I mean is some gamers are affected more than others for a variety of reasons. What you experience is not necessarily what I or anyone one else does. Yes some gamers will blame everything under the sun - others are able to be more objective. I know when I've been outplayed and I know when I've been unlucky or been on the wrong end of lag. I know I'm not the best player going round - I always say that my Zelda born reflexes are no match for my younger bros. If someone posts/replies I'm a respectful manner I listen ; I tune out to those who swear and rant. My view - don't be too quick to dismiss others opinions.  

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    Agreed, especially on point 3. Though you should extend it cover hacker, glitcher, booster, cheater etc. Some people just can't take a death and will blame it on anything except being outplayed.


    I had a decent game earlier, got 2x VSAT, Lodestar, VTOL and got a message calling me a booster. I otld him to go back and watch from my POV in theatre to see I obviously wasn't, to be fair he did apologise, that's a first though.

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    I agree with your point about camping.  Camping is not possible in BLOPS2 because there are not any perks that keep you totally hidden from the map. 

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    i have 63k kills. The game has played the same since day 1 for me.

    i play HC.

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    I'm an avg to slightly below-avg player.  These days I'm around a 1.00 kdr but my overall is below that b/c this is my first CoD and the first month or two were pretty rough.  I'm sure I ***** and moan and make excuses in circumstances where it was truly my lack of skill or poor decision making that caused my death.  However there are many scenarios, immediately after death, where I say to myself,


    "Wow he really deserved that kill." 


    "LOL my aim is turrble."


    "Whew that was a lucky ass kill on my part, that guy's aim was as bad as mine. haha"


    Other than that, I actually agree with your individual points.  I just don't agree with your characterization of all nonskill reasons for deaths as BS excuses.  Some of them are, but there's no doubt that there's some serious shenanigans going on in this game.