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Suggestion for a new zombie game mode

hi everyone


i have a idea about a new zombie gamemode so let me explain my idea to you


my idea is that there is a versus mode on tranzit where 2 teams fight eachother that one team with 4 players start at the town and have a bus with their team tag on it (cdc or cia) and that bus will drive to the elektro station and so on and the other team will spawn at the bus station with a bus with their team tag on it and that bus drives to the farm and so on and if the bus meets the other bus they drive along each other and then the players can shoot and kill each other and if u have shotten down u will get in the revive stand so ur team mates can revive u and if one team is dead the survivng team wins and also there are zombies so u need to try to kill the other team but there are also zombies who are trying to kill u that would be so nice and also that u can get out of the bus at any time just like in tranzit and all the items u can craft can be crafted and the secret room can get opened up and that u still need to earn points from zombies to buy weapons.


that was my idea


post replys if u like this also give feedback if u dont like a part of my idea


hope this will get added in the next dlc if it is a good idea and hopefully treyarch likes it too