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A new phenomenon....


Wondering if anyone else has seen this lately....


I play primarily HC TDM. With an SPM of around 268, I am usually around the top of the lobby leaderboard, and its unusual to see folks higher than 300.  Therefore, it always piques my interest when I see someone higher than 300 or even 400 make an appearance in a lobby, and it always raises some eyebrows, as its not easy to do so in a realm like HC TDM in which you don't get the score bonuses like in Objective Modes.


Anyways, on separate occasions over the past few days have run into players well over 300 and one over 400 SPM. Curious, I checked  2 of their Combat Records, Both had around 8-9k kills. In both cases, they had 7-8k of those kills using the Peacekeeper, with the next highest gun being at only 49 kills.


Now I am always an advocate of people playing how they want to, within the rules and spirit of the game... but this seems a bit ridiculous to me. So I am asking... has anyone else seen this happening?


I can't help but not have a lot of respect for players like that, am I alone in thinking this? Does the fact these players only use one weapon diminish their high SPMs and K/Ds in anyone elses' eyes?


Does this say anything about the Peacekeeper itself as a weapon? I have felt since day one this game had the best weapon balance of any CoD in recent history, but I am starting to question that with the emergence of this new weapon. This was my one fear with the release of DLC weapons, that it would disrupt the balance of the weapons already in the game. It has surpassed all other weapons as the gun that has killed me the most, even after only being in the game for a month or so.


So what do you think? Am I wrong in being shocked and dismayed by this? Do you agree that this is ridiculous?


I just can't imagine playing this game and using the same weapon all the time... It would grow very stale for me and quickly. Thanks in advance for your constructive comments and looking forward to some good discussion on this.

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    What level were they?  They could have been good, reset their stats and just used nothing but the PK

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    I do not lose respect on players like that, not even a bit. I say let people use what they want to use and just mind your own business. I tip my hat to those players who have better stats. Having high KD and SPM means that they found the right setup that works for their gamestyle. They're having fun with the Peacekeeper, and they're sticking to what works for them. What you might find boring and unchallenging might not be the same for others. You want to use different guns? That's fine but always remember that every person is different and people are not like you.

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    Its a common trait.


    I've seen a number do similar. I remember in 3-4 threads of posters on this forum I checked their individual elite stats. A lot of times they use the same Weapon in all of their classes and just change the perks/secondaries/equipment between them.


    I don't think it diminshes the SPM or K/D...however one could make the argument it diminishes their value and ability as a player. If one were to say...make the claim of best overall player...best overall would require a strong understanding of all weapons and perks(and everything else)...not merely one or two.


    Its their choice in the end. If they want to use the same weapon...thats up to them...honestly...I'd get bored really quick if I just kept using the same damn thing over and over and over and over and over...


    There is also weapon balance consideration. For example if we had two players one who used only the executioner and combat knife and the other only used SMR or AN-94 and both had 400 spm and 3 K/D ratio...the player with the executioner/knife I would consider the Major superior of the two players.


    In the end...it doesn't really matter as long as they aren't flaunting their SPM or K/D. Those values only are an issue if the player is an egocase or an irritance.

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    One of my friends has used one gun for 95% of their kills in both of the previous games, they had just one class set up in each game and used it no matter what map they played.


    BO-- Famas with rds and dual mags.

    At least 100k kills, next closest gun about 2000 kills.


    MW3--ACR with rds and suppressor.

    At least 90k kills next closest about 1200 kills.


    That's dedication to one particular gun, and the other kills we're only acheived until those guns were unlocked.

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      In BO1 and MW3, I was one of those guys that found one or two firearms that I liked and

      stuck with them. In MW3, I used prestige tokens to unlock the ACR and MP7 very early. They were about all I use. MP7 on the smaller maps, and ACR on everything else.


      However, in Black Ops 2, it seems like none of the firearms are really OP. I have found myself really enjoying using a variety of firearms. Maybe it is because they are balanced, maybe because of map design, or maybe it is just my progression in the CoD series, but either way, I'm using quite a few of them. I still use a couple of them more often than others (Type-25, M27, MSMC, PDW), but I have used sniper rifles and burst weapons much more than I have previously. I think part of it is the camo challenges.


      But, there are people who find one firearm they like and stick with it. I can't really blame them. If these guys like using the Peacekeeper and nothing but, why not? That is what they like to use.

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    Ya I enjoy using a variety of weapons too, one gun = boring but I guess they really like that gun lol!

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    Lol. I don't think they're cheating. U haven't been inviting me:( I've been playing by myself but its ok. I'm at my bfs and my turtle beaches don't work on my old tv here so I can't talk anyways but yeah, I've been seeing lots of people with pretty high spm. I heard if you're a higher prestiger, you'd be matched up with better people? I don't know.

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    Peacekeeper is a bad gun Drew so high SPM has absolutely nothing to do with it, from personal experience most guys with above average scores toss a lot of EMP nades or take down air support willy nilly, any games I choose to do one of the two will give me AT LEAST 1000 extra score, one good EMP nade at the start of the game can get you 6 EMP assists at 50 points each.

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    I respect these players for mastering one gun or loadout.


    Why should this lose your respect? I find that odd. SPM envy?

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      It just doesn't do much for me in regards to respecting the spirit of the game. There are so many weapons and tools to use... I just don't see the challenge in always using the same gun.


      I don't really care about SPM, but would you say I am less of a player for maintaining my SPM while using and Mastering a variety of weapons and loadouts? It just doesn't seem like much of a challenge to me to use the same gun every match. If I used my M27 every match.. perhaps my SPM would be astronomical as well.. but it would just bore the hell out of me.


      As I said in my OP, I get that people have the right to use whatever they want. I just lose respect personally because I am a strong believer in challenging myself. If you've mastered something... why not try to learn something new? Just my take on it. I personally have a lot more respect for players who can succeed with a variety of weapons and classes.


      Just my take on it.

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        The "jack of all trades" vs the "master of one", I think they both have merits and can be equally rewarding. I prefer mastering a few guns, but mostly because I find a lot of the guns to simple to use.


        I have been spending my recent hours mastering the Skorpion, the most challenging gun I have used in this game. To be able to beat ARs and snipers at range is a massive challenge but I am getting there, holding my own!

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    I think I've got around a 300 Score Per Minute in Hardcore and I've only really played it for longshots with a few guns and the Skorpion. As for the combat record though, I've seen it a ton going back to the first Black Ops. People only using one gun predominantly. I haven't seen a lot of people with strictly the Peacekeeper but I've seen a ton that have like a 10:1 ratio on their second gun with the PDW or FAL at the top.

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    the peacekeeper is statistically a PoS, so i don't ever play TDM since its the worse for getting kills/getting Xp/getting killstreaks


    so i don't really know about the SPM for it, but if someone is using the worst weapon in the game and has high SPM then either he's cheating or he's just good.


    but core and hardcore are 2 totally different stories, but in both i'll still get 1 shotted by a PDW/MSMC and the peacekeeper for some reason. *cough* lag comp

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    I play HCKC and have a SPM well over 350. I rush like crazy trying to collect tags and get kills. I die a lot but consistely have the most kills and most confirms. The SPM doesn't take into account KDR so the faster you get kills the higher your SPM. Just be good at the game and more importantly don't camp and your SPM will go up.

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    So i am a bad player for using the same weapons without diversity like someone said in this thread? Using weapons that i feel comfy with does not make me a bad player. I never cared about cammos or titles.


    I am a objective player who likes to defend and attack the objective. I have found that LMG's are my weapon of choice. Big ammo capacity and with FMJ i can usually wallbang most off the objective.

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    As many have said some players will only ever use one weapon or maybe two, that is how they like to play. Not everyone likes to have to learn multiple weapons, so those that do not will not try and nothing is wrong with that at all. Each person is allowed to play how they want, there is no rule or anything that says a person has to use more than one gun ever while playing. And not even good sportsmanship covers this in any way or form. Good sportsmanship and playing by the spirit of the game would actually defend what they are doing because they are playing to their own skills and strengths.

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         I find allot of the guns don't have hardcore in mind, anything that has a high rate of fire, and that is very accurate is generally good in hardcore. The SVU is horrible in core but because its a one shot kill in hardcore its the best sniper to choose in that game mode. I am for the most part a core player, I find hardcore very slow that being said it has its own notability and challenges to over come. In this game SMGs rule mainly because of there rapid fire, range and excellent mobility. Just for fun pop in MW2, choose an assault rifle and compare it to an SMG in that game, each weapon has its defined strengths. In BO2 I find that the assault rifles don't always have a clear role. I use assault rifles more than any other weapon in BO2, I just like the feel and because the game is so fast paced its hard to run and gun with AR (and be successful) and by successful I mean dominate and have an excellent K/D (or in objective games, acheive the objective).

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    Now I've got weapons mastery I pretty much just use the same 2 guns (PK, M8A1) as I know I do well with them. I get bored and change it up a bit from time to time, I always have an LMG, Sniper & Shotgun set up. M27 is usually left set up as well.

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    I have a couple of friends who only use a couple of weapons whereas I like to change my classes often to keep the game fresh and challenging.


    Just as an example, a friend of mine has been using just burst fire weapons since the COD4 days. Despite how terrible the pre-patch M16 was in MW3 (speaking from a core perspective), he would still use it as the M16 has always been his favourite weapon. In BO2, he uses the M8A1/SWAT-556 most of the time.


    It could also to do with stats considering the players who like to go for high K/D's generally stick to their favourite weapon (most of the time, it's that overused weapon everyone loves to hate).


    Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with it but I do wonder how it can be fun to use only a couple of weapons when there's so many to choose from but at the end of the day, we can't dictate how other people want to play the game.

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      I think it was the attitude of both players. Both talked a LOT of trash afterwards.


      I was working on my LMGs, my MK48 in particular with no Perks/Attachments and had one of my lesser games. That is what bugged me the most I think.


      I am with you, I would get really, really bored fast. Proud of my progress in this game and that I have maintained it with variety of weapons... and prouder still I don't sink to trash talking or demoralizing other players.

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    I'm a weapon diversity guy. Just got the combat knife blood thirsty's left to do then all challenges are complete. I still have to max out the 4 snipers and will be setting up 4 classes for this but the rest of my classes will be set up with guns I like to use.


    The PDW is my most used gun with just over 4000 kills but I have 66000 kills in total so I'm ok with that. Since I started getting the camos done I've grown to like alot more guns than I ever thought I would.


    The worst gun and most painful to level was the Executioner, BUT, it was the funnest gun to use in the game.


    I think i'll be using the MK48 alot once i'm done and probably the MSMC and the AN94/M27 will be my go to classses, along with the remington. I think having completed all the weapons I can indulge in using some of the easier weapons when the match dictates it

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    You're stupid if you think the PeaceKeeper is OP.

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      Did I say that it was?


      My observation was simply that in the two months since its been released it has become the weapon I've been killed with the most... over guns that have been in the game since it's release. Was just wondering if that said anything about the weapon.


      Can you make an argument without insulting someone?

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      Why does someone have to be stupid, every time there is a disagreement? just relax.

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    meh each to thier own.


    I made a post up back on MW3 about how to rank up fast and expand peoples horizons by using different weapons.


    At the end of the day people will use what they want - thats what I learned, makes no difference to me if they only use the M27 or MP7.


    One point I will make is the Diamond Camo quest is a stroke of genuis as you will use guns that you never even thought you would use/like.


    + on your last point - the peacekeeper is just a FAD, one a new weapon comes out with the next pack, that will replace it.

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    I see where you're getting at with your original post.


    I personally like to challenge myself, at the expense of K/D mostly.  I do have "staples" i turn to for specific game modes but I've found the game is much more fun (for me) when I learn to adapt to new weapons and gear.


    I've also found by concentrating on a few new weapons per/prestige it keeps me from developing "bad habits" and also enables me to learn how other people are using them (with the goal of learning how to avoid being a beefy target for them).


    As far as score per minute:  I like to think my style is more or less supportive, so while I have a shitty K/D my SPM is pretty solid.  You should see if these guys who have the high SPMs are using UAVs/Counter UAVs a lot... that's how in some modes I can really rake in tons of scorestreak assists.


    I also would like to point out, I don't care if someone uses the same loadout/weapon for their COD career.  It's a free country and why should I tell someone how to play the game when I certainly don't want to be told how to either.

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      I am very much the same way, which is why I think I am having a level of success in this game that I didn't have in previous CoDs. While this game has flaws, one of it's strengths in the scoring system.


      In past games I was always the guy who took out air support, used EMP grenades (in MW3 when available), and did as much to support my team as I could. The problem was, there really was no reward for it. The high Kill guys got all the glory in the past games, even if they did nothing else to help their team at all. In this game I have been able to become both the high kill and support teammate and it is nice to get rewarded for it. My SPM is higher than it has ever been, as is my K/D and win percentage.


      Honestly, you are right. People can use whatever they want. I just don't understand that mindset I guess. I am the guy, however, who prestiges for the challenge. Who enjoys the grind of the weapon camos... and its hard for me to grasp that idea of using the same kit every time. To each his own I suppose.


      My issue was more the attitude of the players. Here I was grinding my LMG with no perks and attachments, had a less than average game for me... and both of the players in question were spouting off at the mouth about it. That kind of attitude bugged me.

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    i like a little variation but when i get in a good groove i do stick with a weapon and set up for a good long while.  i will change classes however as i build them to map/game modes so i can bring something to the table for certain play styles.


    getting owned in dom, go stealthy and flank to grab some cheeky caps or grab an lmg an go defensive for example but i do have favourites i always go back to, an94 was on 3 classes at one point all with different attchments an perks to taylor its play styles to a role or game mode.  (thats a bit geeky but it makes me happy lol)

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      Thanks Belly. Its kind of ironic, I guess. I wonder if people lately have been thinking "This guy uses the same weapon every game", because I have been working on Camos. When I do that, I use that gun until it is done, unless I am having a bad game and need to switch it up a bit.


      That being said, I always have a fallback class in case things go South, in this game it usually involves the M27. Maybe if I used it every game.... lol

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    I have noticed that when I occasionally play HC TDM that my SPM is higher than most but that is bc I play Core TDM way more and the SPM is carried on the leaderboards...Core or Hardcore

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    I have noticed that when I occasionally play HC TDM that my SPM is higher than most but that is bc I play Core TDM way more and the SPM is carried on the leaderboards between both...Core or Hardcore