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Whats up guys and girls!


Hope your enjoying the new peacekeeper and the DLC maps! Want a new clan to go with your new maps and guns??


ELMN - Elite Nightmare, is recruiting for the PS3! We have recently opened ranks and are looking to expand to 100 members.


We currently have over 70 members, and participate in clan ops, you will usually find yourself with somebody to play with.


We only require a few things, be mature and play the clan ops, we also require that your OVERALL kill Death ratio is ABOVE 1.00


Even though our clan kd average is much higher than that, as long as your over 1.00 I will let you in, knowing that after joining you will greatly improve. The biggest thing is we are all about having fun while playing the game!


Let me know! The url is posted below, put in the message you saw my post and i will approve you as long as you meet the criteria.