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looking for people to join clan xbox

i am leader of a clan(level 8) but unfortunatley its just me and 2 other people. we do the elite competitions and end up in the top 25% with usually me and one other person playing so looking for more people who will be willing to compete and help us out.


I am a girl (1.24 ratio prestige 4) so if you think girls shouldnt be playing call of duty dont even bother.

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    what is your gt? i am extremely interested in adding you to the clan.

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    Hi I'm Pharlock from IDS!


    If you ever get interested to join a friendly and competitive gaming community here's some info about my clan. We have girls in our clan and I would be more that happy for you and your group to join us.




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    Hey there - Our name is Securing a Zone. I know you are the one looking for members but if you decide to join another clan give us a shout. We currently have 1 female clan member, would love to have another.


    We have no tryouts, no minimum kdr or age. Just group of players that like to, well, play, win and have fun.


    We do ask that if you join, please follow us on Twitter at SecuringaZone. If you're not on Twitter it's easy to make an account.


    Hope to see you soon!



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    Hi Cis, I would be interested in joining your clan.  I already went to master prestige and then decided to reset as the game was getting boring.  So now I am prestige 2 and working my way back up.  I am on almost every night.  I like to play objective game modes and like to win regardless if I go negative in kd. I am so tired of playing solo with pub players and only 2 of us go for the objective and the rest of them sit back and try to get a high kd.  So hit me up, my gt is AngryProstate.