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Zombies game mode suggestion : Zombies Gun Game


Just to start, this is a game mode that I have spent some time thinking out to address alot of the issues we zombies players have to deal with as of yet. My goal was to create a game mode that eliminated the necessity for all players to stay in the game until the end and to create a reward punishment system for reviving or not reviving other players.



there would be no rounds. the zombies would just spawn in and after 40 kills your weapon would change. the health of the zombies would change at set intervals of total kills in the game such as every 100 total kills between all players.



perks and PaP would still be available.

No mystery box.

No grenades.

No wall weapons.

unlimited ammo, but you still have to reload.


the weapons will cycle through a set array until you have used 20 guns, then after it would become random.

Each player starts out with an allocated amount of downs allowed (3) if playing multi player and (4) downs if playing solo.

Solo play would require quick revive in order to keep playing just like in current survival.

If someone goes down they lose 1. If the person is revived they still lose a down, but the person who revived them gets 1 additional down not to exceed 3.

If no one revives the downed player, then all players lose 1 down. Exception would be if someone quits while in the downed position. This would not deduct a down from the remaining players.

Once a player has used up all of thier downs, the game is over for them, but others keep playing. (this may be the one set back as there are issues with host migration atm)

Since there are no rounds and the progression of the game is based on individual kills, then there would be no effect to leaderboards if someone quits or gets disconnected.

the health of the zombies will be adjusted from every 100 total kills to 75,50,25 depending on how many players remain. This ensures a balance no matter if there is 1 player or 4.

Points would work like normal and the players have the option to upgrade their gun via PaP(pack a punch). However the players will need to weight their options, as they will lose that gun when they reach the 40 kills with it. This forces the spending of points creating a financial challenge the longer you play.


leaderboard would track total individual kills, the number of guns used, revives, and downs.


Additionally the achievments for the new game mode would be:

Proven -Use each weapon (would require skill and a bit of luck to get all weapons). would not need to complete in 1 game.

In it for the long haul - use every weapon in a single game.

Team player - get 5 revives in this game mode in a single game.


other achevments could be made requiring so many kills in a single game (500,1000, 2000).


If any Dev's see this, Please feel free to use this without my permission, and no royalties will be sought after.