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Die Rise Elevators?


I don't know very well the map yet. How many elevators are there in Die Rise? Beside the main one, the ones that carry perks/pap? There's 2 on the starting building, the one that has Quick Revive, and the other one that generaly has Who'sWho / Speed Cola. And there's 3 on the building with the power switch. The 3 you can use while on the roof. That makes it a total of 5. I'm not sure, but there should be 7 elevators (not counting the main one), which 2 am I missing?

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    You're missing the elevator by the noodle shop, the room that has the slide to the box. That's the only one I think.

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      hey comin from xbox where im already sick of the map lol. you got 4  on the building with the roof (2nd building). in my expierience the only 4 that are in that building is Jug, PAP, Mule Kick, and Double tap. Theres 3 in the other building (Spawn building) when u open the door out of the spawn room to your left down the hall will be either whos/who or speed and straight ahead you will see Quick revive which never moves.downthe stairway u use to get hte pdw ull see another elevator which will have either whos who or speed.


      hope this helps. good luck

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        on the roof there is the immediate 2 u see. then there is one down the stair way w/ the debri and finally there is one in the other corner if u go up the ramp to the tower and down. but remember u cantr get back with out dropping down so make sure u have a lot of points


        ps use a trample steam to block off areas during the jumper rounds if u dont pull your trigger you get a perk. the easiest places to block are in the trample steam room itself if ur facing quick revive go to the righ with 3 tramps and block is off. and knife any that get htrough. the other one is the roof. in the hut connecting the main elevators where u come up and the area which i prefer to camp. u can use a trample steam to blcok the 2 doors and crouch together in the hut again just knife any that get through (by round 10 or def 15 ull need the bowie knife or galva)