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PS3 Die Rise thoughts and feedback discussion


Its been a week now and im still loving the new map....


AN94 what a gun for headshots, ammo size

PDW another great new gun, love it as a 1st gun

Tramplesteam very handy for this map and good to see 3arch come up with new things

The feel of the map in the power building is very veruct ish and i love it

Plenty of train spots from buda room to power roof top, the mp5 floor and a few others



The song is full on w#nk (tranzit song was musicly good)

Hosting problem, its like they raised the bar for this map and its harder to get a game on public for 4plyr party

Zombies spawn needs alot of tweeking



The end skit of being locked up...wtf

Stu hearing the 'other' voice...aliens



All in all a great map. please leave your thoughts


ps i do hate xbox users but your welcome to discuss i only put ps3 as its old news to you guys