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Im  looking for anyone whos out to play for fun. sure we all want high rounds. but honestly i play to have fun.


yes i like to get the free perks on die rise.

yes i like to do the EE(s)


but i need a crew that not only can communicate and create a game with teamwork. but can have fun and joke around.  i take smoke breaks every so often. i try to make sure im set up when i want to take a smoke break so as i can leave and go smoke while my teammates watch my back/get their perks/weapons what have you.


im tired of people complaining about everything. i want a crew who will listen to each other, respect each others space and will call out things such as power ups or moving through other areas.


if you are a pot friendly player, with skills. preferably with a knife or shotguns over just a skull,  but not a necessity. add me PSN: DEJAmurder420


i get online between 10 and midnight eastern time. as i live in michigan, and work afternoons. just looking to fill a few more spots to be able to have multiple crews to play with, or to fill a party when were short a player or two.