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good spots for co op for die rise


so im trying to find good spots for co op and im on ps3 so i dont know any can people plz help me thanks

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    Tthat bit after the box int spawn, where the hole in the ground is, not the slide the next one where you can see the other box spawn in the building on the other side.

    That bits good for two players, possibly more using both floors. I use that area to grab my galvaknuckles money/points.


    don't see what difference the platform you're on makes? the map is the same on all three. well I assume its the same on 360 but I spose who knows, the way things are with this game and the poobox, they probably got sparkly bits everywhere and polished perk machines.

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    SVU Room and Sushi Bar is another good one.


    The SVU Room can be a bit tricky to gt used to though so you'll want your bst player in that room.

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    i like one up on roof with dragons on using that flinger thing cus with zombies reloads quik any where up there in any cornoe of map is good with one or more of those and usefulll if player has to go do something like go to dinner they stay there and if online others can still play