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Lag has hit a new low


Been about 6 weeks since I've played and I notice 2 new things about lag.  First, the lag bars are off.  Way off.  I'm playing like I have 2-3 bars, yet it shows 4.  Even better, I see others with the same issue.  I kinda feel bad shooting someone so obviously lagging out, but better you than me.


Second, my Stingers won't shoot.  Lock onto a target, get the lock indication, pull the trigger, and get "you must be locked on".  Uh, you're telling me I'm locked on.  Shoot the damned missle.  This is a real pisser when you're shooting a helicopter, and they shoot you while you mash the damned shoot button.  This happens maybe 50% of the time.  Keep in mind I've maxed out my Stinger ratings.  I like shooting down air support.  I'm good at it.


Maybe related, not sure.  I've noticed unkillable players.  These guys rack up 30-40 kills a game without air support, only die 3-4 times, and when you run across them you can't get a hit, let alone a kill.  I don't think they're cheating, I think they're on the right side of the lag curve.


Like, WTF?  Is it time to sell this PoS so I'm not tempted to put it in anymore?