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There will be a time when...


...your games will cost $100 each, your Gold membership will cost $50 for 3 months, or $150 for a year, your games will charge a fee if you want to continue progressing, your map packs will only come with 2 maps for the exceptionally low price of only $30, or you could go ahead and buy a season pass for $100, your controller will only be available in console bundles, and if your controller broke, you'll have to send it to Microsoft with $200, you'll have to pay $800 for a faulty console, and eventually you'll notice that it's suffering from a new strain of the RROD virus, so you will have to send that too to Microsoft and pay $1000. Gaming will be a luxury only the upper class could afford, and former gamers will revert to playing games on PS2s and Original Xboxes. This is our future.