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I can't go online using the maps I downloaded

First of all, I am not even sure why I can't start a new topic in "multiplayer", but I can here, is beyond me.

But anyways,

I've been playing online for a good month now, and thought, "if I download a map pack, I can see new maps while playing!"


However, when I want to actually get online and play, I get "no games found", and maybe one or two players that are "matched player" with no rank or scoring.

Before getting to the games, I have to hit "select" to disable the DLC maps. So, what's the point of getting map packs if you can't use them?

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    I believe the problem involves the fracturing of the player base. You see, there are so many different map packs you can own, including different combinations, that depending on the combination of maps you own, it can be increasingly difficult to find other people with the same combination. This is because the game tries to match you with players who have the same DLC maps as yourself.


    With Black Ops 2 being out, a large portion of the players have moved over to that game, reducing the number of people with your combination of maps even further. It's unfortunate, but there isn't much you can do about it other than disable the DLC and play with the default maps that everyone has normally.


    Your best bet is to just simply not download any additional maps since you'll likely not see them due to what I mentioned above. Hopefully in future titles they'll have a system sorted out that will address this problem, but unfortunately at the moment I don't know if there is a fix that can be applied.

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      I didn't think there were that many cominations. just map pack 1-4.


      I'm going to assume everyone has "terminal". My PS3 recently started to go bad, lock ups/freezing, etc, so I bought a new one, new profile, so I'm starting FRESH on all games, offline and online ranks, etc.

      BRAND NEW!


      I noticed "terminal" is DLC, and I can play that with others. Downloading two other free ones, has not given me a chance to play online.


      I may buy more packs, as some offer "spec op" maps, but, that'd be it then.


      Thank you for the well written and helpful message.

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        With Terminal, I believe it's because everyone has that. It's a free DLC Map, and I believe they made it so that it was a mandatory map, though I'm not 100% on that. Regarding the number of combinations, well, with 4 map packs, that still comes out to around 16 (a few possible combinations (assuming I figured it up right)).


        That many combinations really fractures the player base. Now, I would imagine (though I'm not 100% sure) that they have some way of doing the matchmaking so that it minimizes the amount of fracturing that goes on. Maybe I'll ping Candice or Teanah and see if they can explain it better. I don't want to unintentionally give you wrong information and discourage you from buying future DLC incase I am wrong.

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        Thank you Kastro for giving LinuxUsr some wonderful information!


        LinuxUser, there are multiple map pack combinations one can have and that is likely what is causing your issue with the DLC.


        If you will please let us know what console you're on and what DLC map pack you purchased, we'll see what we can do for you to get it working properly.



        Thank you,



        Activision Assist

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    I have all the map packs and I often get 'no games found', or 1 or 2 games found, and I also get the 'matched player' thingy.
    During the daytime, I can usually find a lobby or 2  on the dlc maps altho it may take a few minutes, and it may be laggy due to players being from all over the world,  but at night its almost impossible...very sad and frustrating really, paid for all these maps and the latest maps were not even out that long before the lack of games surfaced..I hope they can find a different way to implement things in the future