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Request for Kick option in Zombie lobby!!

Hello all,


I hope this is gonna happen, i want a kick option in zombie lobby.

Sometimes it happens that all my friends are offline and then i just search to random players that got a MIC!

You need a mic in Zombie game mode specially on Die Rise!

But so meany players whitout a MIC, and i want a option to KICK those players from the lobby.

Im always friendly and happend now TWICE that im looking for random players and i found 2 players that have a mic and we wait for a FOURTH player,

someone joins our lobby has a mic but don't speak or talk trash.

This is terible, i spent more time on finding nice players and getting a good game, then i actually can play.

If i play Die Rise our game last at least for 2hours or more, whitout glitching.

Allot of guys leave the game, once they go down above round 10 or someone makes the sliquifire before they can grab it.

As you all know: If one off us leave, it does not count as high round on LEADERBOARD!

THIS SUCKS!! again a reason to give us a KICK option.

My thing what i try to do before i start with players i never meet before:

Trying to get a conversation, Whats your highest round?...Are u a teamplayer?...What technique do u use?...

I find the Die Rise map the best zombie map so far in BO2, im not talking about BO1..

But please give us more control on who plays with who.


I started this Discussion to get a really good look on what U all think about this.

And perhaps if we get enough people that thinking the same thing as myself,

we can have a option to KICK players in Zombie mode.





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    Hi Red, you may want to try the Zombies Forum, you will get more response there.

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    I am not really a zombie player but can understand your frustration about this. But do not hold your hopeds up high for such a thing, for then players may complain about being unfairly kicked all the time and that something needs to be done about it.


    Not everyone that plays this game likes to use a mic, even if they are playing in zombies. When playing with friends I do, with randoms that I do not know I dont. for the very reason of trash talkers or those that are just generally rude.


    You idea could end up being abused or have a double edge to it depending upon how it was used by people. And even with a mic, and talking to them, you still do not know if they would stay. They could get bored after a certain round and quit, not everyone cares about how high a round they get to, some just play it for the fun and difference it provides from the regular game.

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    If you are the one with the problem, you back out. You don't deserve the right to kick people for not meeting your standards.