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Its just getting old..

Been playing for awhile, but recently the wonderful people of treyarch or activision decided to reset everything on my account.  Just wanna say thanks! Anyways, is anyone tired of these overpowered shotguns, automatic shotguns, and automatic sniper rifles?  You gotta be kidding me, everytime Im on a streak, about to get say a VSAT, I swear I have a homing beacon on me thats telling a shotgun to come outta the shadows.  Or I get sprayed down with the SVU from 6 football fields away.  I try to drop shoot, jump, dive.  Nothing, its just rediculous, how everyone uses shotguns.  Theres no skill required, slap on lightweight, ghost, toughness, dexterity n tack mask and your golden with these things.  Its hard to have fun when your constantly getting mowed down by these, i usually rage quit (like i care anyways since they reset everything and I have a 0.16 KD and 0.05 win loss ratio)


Just wanted to vent and see if anyone else hates this as much as i do