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are you for real ?

wow, really, i reported a hacker, and what happened, but i still get banned for so called "cheating" you got to be kidding me? i thought april fools was the first of april not the 9th. come on now, how are you going to ban someone who told you what happened ? i have no need to cheat in this game, im good at this game with no cheats, no bots, no mods. and yet i still get banned .

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    any proof of all that???



    i cud tell you anything u wanna hear but without proof its all tripe....

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      there is pictures and videos on twitter, like i told them in a email. no one still havent replied to me, the dude who hacked the server should be getting in trouble, not the people who were in the lobby and got a few kills like me. now this is wasting my live, wich is wasting my money... this is just stupid. how are they gonna ban someone who reported the hacker., i reported him right when i left the lobby, but im the bad guy in the situation? yeah alright.