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Connection problems on ps3 AGAIN


first of all sorry for my english my writing aint that good i know


it had been a while since i played MW3 but the good oldes never get bored so we decided to go online with some friends,
no problems at first.. somebody made a party, invited everyone and off we went


now i remember, in the past we had some problems joining eachother

it would say "Unable to join party"

so i couldnt join my friend, or he couldnt join me


but we found a way hahah

we had someone else make the party..

so we needed a middle man

the middle man could make the party, he could leave afterworths
somebody became partyleader so the party would still exist when he was gone



now these problems came back

and they became worse

the middle man did not work no more

the middle man had to stay! in order to hold this party

cause if he left, the remaining 2 would be kicked from the party if they tried to go and play


after thousands invites and attemps of joining eachother i gave up...


i've been gaming in the same server as my friends , but it has been 3 days since i've been in a party with them

ofcourse we get placed in opposites team alot there's nothing you can do


now, another day later... (ohyeah it gets worse)
i'm up early so i start mw3, no problems at all

everything works fine i game for about an hour

but when i get back from lunch i get an invite from 1of my friends

i try to join him (expecting nothing good was about to happen lol)


but get kicked back a menu (i got kicked back to where it say "play online - splitscree...")

now i start "" like usual but it's taking longer as normal, and you know whats coming next i guess

i can't even connect to the MW3 server

yes AGAIN? and it's been like this for all day (about 4-5 hours now)


i know theres nothing wrong with the servers because now there are already 3 of my friends playin online

i'm still giving it a try every 5minutes or so
i already logged off/on

already tried making new connections on my ps3

tried turning the modem off/on

etc etc.....


there's realy nothing left to do


any tips or hints would be very welcome



an honest stoner ^^