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  • 50. Re: Going from LCD to an old tube tv solved my lag

    If you're on an LCD tv then i'd suggest going to a plasma tv rather than an old CRT.

    Plasma has much better refresh rates than LCD does.

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    Lcd screens are terrible!


    Thats where your problem lies...going back to old CRT tv's is just ridiculous lol...they are even worse and what you will miss out in detail will be even worse for your game...


    I have a 50inch LG plasma and it has absolutely no input lag at all and its sharp as a button!

    Ive played on a 32 LCD and it was horrible..the screen would blur as i moved and it didnt respond properly like it should plus the shadowing on it was laughable... even tho that screen was smaller, mine still has a sharper image and can shift graphics with ease.


    People warned me about plasma, saying that it needs topped up with gas all the time...well ive had mine for 5 years and its still as good as the day it left the shop and its nearly always on...


    Go plasma people!..and go LG/Samsung

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    why would anyone go plasma when LCD/LED's are far superior ?

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    LOL Dont listen to this guy above me.


    OP, Tube TV's and plasma are truly the best way to go.If you must go LED or LCD. Then keep it under 30 inches. Anything larger will give you lag in your display even with game mode on. The difference truly is in the refresh rates. People will say it does not matter but it really does.


    LED / LCD - In a effort to save money but give you a ok image, most of these tv's are in the 120 hz range. While not bad for everyday viewing of regular tv or dvd's. But if you watch a lot of sport or fast moving images, then 120 hz can become blurred. You have the option to buy a 240hz tv and this will cure most of these issues.


    As for gaming on this type of tv, You will encounter inline lag from your gaming console to the tv. This is why most tv's have a game mode preset in there menu's This will cure some of the lag or make it more or less unnoticable for most games. But when playing super fast paced MP games online where milliseconds count, then no it does not fix this issue. This is also most likely where 80%+ of the community complans about lag and just does not understand the issue or would never believe the problem can be on there end.


    Plasma- It is the 2nd best TV to game on. Tube would be number 1 if they were not getting dated and if there was availability to HD tube tv's . All plasma tv's come with a 600hz refresh rate and game mode standard on almost all plasma's today.Combine the two together and you have most likely the best type of tv to game on. The only reason plasma gets a bad rap is because of screen burn in. This is not a issue on newer plasma's today and should not be a factor when purchasing.


    I have had many tv's in the last 6 years. Tube, lcd, led, Rear projection and plasma. I had major lag with lcd and led tv's. I did my research and figured i would give plasma a try. I did not want to go for a small screen, as i like to hang out and game from my couch. So plasma seemed the best choice.


    I replaced my Sony Pro XBR52 LCD with a 59" Samsung Plasma. There was a huge difference in the screen lag. It was non exsistent with the new plasma tv. It cured any lag i had for FPS shooters. Well except black ops, that game is just built with bad MP online coding and it lags no matter waht equipment you use.

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    LCD doesnt instantly make the tv have input lag.  The tv processing the image causes input lag. ALL HDTVs have input lag very few tvs have input lag under 1 frame a second . If you are seriouse about playing cod then get a good gaming monitor. Big HDTVs are not good for competetive gaming.


    As the dude said earlier http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/sub-1-frame-hdtv-monitor-input-lag- database.145141/ has a very informative thread on the best monitors/tvs with less than 1 frame of input lag. get a good gaming monitor if you want little to no input lag and setup a desk to play cod on. there is a reason you dont see mlg events with 50 inch tvs they just arent good for competative play.

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    The truth is if you want zero to little input lag, you must use a monitor as opposed to a tv. It's not ideal for most casual gamers because they enjoy sitting on the couch or a comfy chair or whatever while playing on a bigger screen. There is no doubt there is input lag on any new tv compared to a monitor, but you get used to it after  playing for a while and dont notice.  Well, unless  you're hyper sensitive like me. If you want to test it for yourself just hook up your xbox to a computer monitor via hdmi or get the xbox vga cable. It's a tremendous difference from tv.


    As far as the newer tv's go, plasma will give the least input lag on bigger screens. Also, using a wired controller will give a much "tighter" experience than using a wireless controller which I'm sure is common knowledge.

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    I've just had a terrible experience with a New LED TV. I had no idea the lag problem was so bad. Started to do some research and ended up here. You guys have a lot of great information. From all of the reading I've been doing, I'd say you are right about the plasma TV thing. I will definitely be getting one very soon.  I did some really good reading on this web site about refresh rates and their impact on input lag: http://lcdtvbuyingguide.com/lcdtv/120hz-240hz-60hz.html. It's really worth checking out if you aren't sure what the difference are. Thanks guys. I've been playing Call of Duty for a long time now and had no idea there was such an active forum here. I'll be coming back for sure.

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    Plasma is king IMO.

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