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COD: Ghosts weapons

If anyone wants to tell me what weapons do you want in this game. Make sure it fits modern times cuz its about modern weapons ok thank you.

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    i want : Submachineguns: P90, Tec-9, PPSH-41, MP40, Skorpion Evo, FMG9, Mini Uzi , MP5, AAC HoneyBadger  Shotguns: SAIGA 12 , Spas 12, AA12 Remington 870 12, M1216,KSG-12,M1897 Trenchgun. and also shotguns ammo e.g: Buckshot, slugs, birdshot, dragonbreath, etc.   Pistols: Desert Eagle, 44 Magnum, Five Seven, tac 45, KAP 40 , ASP,Colt M1911. Snipers: Barret 50cal, DSR 50, L96A1, L118A. Assualt Rifles: AUG, Famas, AK47, M16, M4A1 Galil.Type 25, Type 95, AN-94, M8A1 lethals: Molotov cocktail, Frag , Tomahawk, claymore, bouncy betty Tacticals: 9 Bang, Concussion, Flare, FireCracker                                                                                                                                                     I REALLY WANT ALL OF THESE WEAPONS IN CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS PLEASE