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Suggestion for a new playlist party gamemode

HI everyone I would just like to submit an idea for a gamemode that I believe everyone will thoroughly enjoy


Here it is:


There are 2 teams.


The first team will consist of:

  • a hacker, that only has a small amount of protection eg: Pistol and six perks Flak Jacket, Lightweight, Cold Blooded, Fast hands, Engineer and tactical mask.
  • and 5 bodyguards with heavy artillery. The player can chose from 6 custom loadouts. Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper rifle, SMG, LMG and assault shield( & weapon).


The second team will consist of:

  • Snipers only (DSR, BALISTA). With choice of perks, lethal and tacticals and attatchments and no second gun.


The goal of the gamemode:

The first team's goal:

is to escort the hacker to the other side of the map and find a terminal. The bodyguards must protect the hacker for 40 secs while he works. The hacker can share the information with two other members. The team must them make it back over to the other side in order to complete the round.


The second team's goal:

Is to protect the terminal from being hacked and in failing that, they must eliminate the hacker before he leaks the information to the other team members or before he makes it back to the base.




  • The second team (Sniper Unit) has 25 secs to chose a place for the terminal and to set up their sniper spot and traps (Bouncing bettys & Claymores).
  • After the 25 secs the bodyguard team will spawn and the hacker will be randomly chosen.
  • The hacker must make it to the terminal.
  • Hacking the information will take 40 secs.
  • Once the hacker is in the safe zone (their spawn) then the round is over and their team wins.
  • If the hacker shares the information then the snipers will also need to focus their attention on the others who know the information. (They will have a red symbol above their head --- Eliminate)




Well I hope you like the idea of this and I hope that treyarch see this and makes a game mode out of it. If you like the idea please like it and share the post in order to get it noticed...


Also this is only a rough idea that I came up with a week or two ago, I haven't put too much thought into it and if you feel like it needs some criticising or if you want to add to it, then please leave a comment