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I have several Complaints, But one I will focus on is one team I unfortunatley encountered last Night 5/04/2013, They seemed to be able to have Unlimited Scorestreaks, and absolutley Destroyed thier opponents, while laughing about it, I suspect something sinister about it, but they were very, very insulting towards me, while just saying that they were that Good, and I said BS, now this is a New generation, but BACK IN THE DAY, I was almost a World Class Caliber player IN GALAGA, I played it up to over Stage 300, 3.5 Million points, but that was a Long time ago, I am a Old gamer, I beleive in Playing Fair, IN gaming, and in real Life, but these guys were very personal in thier Insults, so Guys, AN EYE FOR A EYE, here are the DREAM TEAM as they called themselves


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You Guys, From a Old gamer bring Shame to gaming, and I do not think you are just that good