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    treyarch just loves to destroy anything that is good! they nerfed the machine pistoles but not the pistols.. lol this company is a joke.. here is what happend.. Optic complained about the kap40, so it got nerfed


    they just reduce damage on anything that is good, i use to LOOOVE the fal.. now when i use it it takes 4 shots, if it even registers to kill.. lol


    its not like the kap40s are like the fmg9's.. if they were i woul dunderstand the nerf..they are just turning poop into s&*^


    this will be the last treyarch game I buy

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    i hate that you guys nerfed the guns i personally didnt see a problem with them although irritating it may be to be killed by them so quickly it is still slightly unjust to those who are just now trying to get them  gold also the M1216 is problematic you have to wait so long for it to be unlocked then you find out that it is completely underpowered in range and power sometimes taking 3 or more shots to kill a player who is right in front of you why has no one looked at the range of the shotguns? WHEN ARE WE GETTING HARDCORE CAPTURE THE FLAG BACK!!!!!??????!! why are you guys fixing things that arent broken? what about when your sights are dead on a player your firing but yet you cant even get a hit marker,this happens very frequently the end result is their streaks continues and your dead although you shouldnt be also when players fire at the same time and both are on target why is it that only one dies ,,,....why cant you switch between class sets during a match for players who purchased additional class sets....you guys want to improve your game address these issues please and please put hardcore capture the flag back on the game.....they say that you guys listen and review these forums now its time to show me THANK YOU AND IM OUT

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    They nerfed the machine pistols, you say, and not the pistols? Repeat that to yourself a few times, and think about why they did this... I'm sure Optic is not the blame here, and find it extremely funny that you would blame them for the changes.


    I love the FAL too, and have roughly a 2.7-3.2 KD with the weapon, and that's without select fire. Face it, brother, you're not too hot with the weapon, blaming the developers for your "4-shots" and a death in the process.

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    Its officially now the worse game in CoD history lag compensation still a MASSIVE issues nothing again addressed.... but now a big doses of added lag thanks treyarch. WHY?

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    They did it because MLG players are cry babies, and optic is a voice that treyarch listens to


    hmm im not hot with the weapon?.. i didnt know you saw my stats? well let me run it buy you


    my primary weapon (FAL) on both of my accounts are well over a 3.0 KD.. my highest account is at a 3.61 KD


    so GOML..


    I will blame the developers since they were the ones who created the game lololol.. certainly wasnt me who created the 3 hit markers before the 4th shot killed.. and it certainly isnt me who dumps 3 shots of unregistering bullets, before i even start getting hit markers.. so watch your mouth

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    Webmaster4531 wrote:


    Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Is it a 4 shot or 3 shot gun?

    Uhh I don't know never used the thing, friend of mine loves it, hence why I am hinting at him...I could care less about the KAP but it was very prevalent.

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    "Fixed/addressed/resolved an issue REPORTED BY THE COMMUNITY..."


    Just do your f*cking job and stop emphasizing that players found even more sh*t wrong with your product. You should be embarassed, not proud...


    And what's the deal with adjusting weapon stats all the time? I could have told Treyarch that SMGs were way to accurate and pistols were too powerful DAY ONE.


    You would think that by the 7th game for this console generation they would be more careful about OP weapons, but apparently they like to brag about changing stuff the community complains about to make themselves look better.

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    I don't get to play much, so this game is still a lot of fun for me.  I literally JUST got the B23Rs to dual-weild and was loving them.  So, this hurts a bit.  More so just because of the timing lol.  Didn't really get to use them at full power for long at all.   Oh, well.


    • B23R:  Damage reduced.
    • B23R Dual Wield: Damage reduced.
    • B23R Dual Wield: Hip fire accuracy reduced.

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    Addressed an issue reported by the community.............Which one little big planets FFS.

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    This patch just ruined mob of the dead go try to use the gondola after you get the patch you will die instantly. So now you have to run all around the map to get to the docks good luck, the patch just made me stop playing motd.