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Why are 2/3 bars winning the game


When I play the game (domination/ffa/Capture the flag, etc) the people with 2/3 bar connections always win the game. (are on the top)

How is that possible? And yes I set my search connections to the best.


So is this lagg compensation on its finest?

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    I often see one bar players top of the leaderboard.  Shouldn't happen really, but it does.  Your ping and the bars showing though can change in the blink of an eye, and it maybe that they were 4 bars for most of the game but happened to be one bar when the final scoreboard shows up.  Unlikely I know but it might be one explanation.

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      Yeah games be designed to make the people with piss poor connections rule and others will super to great connections get punished artificially..... But they have sadly got it so wrong it makes it almost impossible to have a fun far game anymore.....sad really.

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    your good connection makes you be in front of the players with a worse connection meaning they will see and shoot you in spots you arent anymore on your screen.


    its the turn a corner, see nobody, turn around , get shot in the back effect.

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    having three bars makes the game unplayable for me, which i don't remember happening with previous CODs

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      yeah...anything less than even a high 4 bar (which you wouldnt know unless you shoot someone) and i get dumped on. 3 bars makes it difficult, but less than that makes it unplayable with whole clip with no kill, 3 remingtons and no kills etc. I have seen it when the 3 or less guy does well but my only guess is that it is an anomaly and he actually had a higher connection. Most of the time the 3 bar guy, even if he is a decent player, gets dumped on the whole time.

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    Lag Comp makes this happen.  However, people that have true lag, i.e. lag down and lag up, have a difficult time.  Those that have upstream lag, are the ones you have to worry about.  You send them data fast from your upload, they download it fast from their non-lag side of their connection, they upload lag data from their end to you thus giving them an advantage.  These are the "yellow" bar people you see on top of the boards 9 times out of 10.  Self induced lag usually from uploading data, QOS router settings, etc....

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    I had a good one yesterday on hijacked. I was running into the cabin in the middle of the boat and ran into a quickscoper. I had a skorpion, with kap40 backup . I unloaded the skorpion and the game jerked back to just before I entered. I switched to the kap40 and unloaded that, the game jerked back to just before I entered at which point I tried to knife and I got qs'd! In the replay it showed me running into the cabin past the sniper and getting qs'd in the back. I shut the game off.

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    Today was playing hc domination turned a corner switched to rpg, seen the enemy unload it right at his feet...Boom he didn't die and i got shot and died..... Got a feeling my rpg didn't even leave my launcher on his screen......you have to now be some sort of psychic to win at this game....

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    I wouldn't say ALWAYS win. I had people with bad connection that froze in front of me and I could just pick them off easily. When I say freeze, I mean literally. Like they are on pause. lol

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    Just got thrown into a domination match and checked the score.


    K/D Caps/Defs


    Team A


    Player 1 - 31/15 4/11

    Player 2 - 28/13 2/5

    Player 3 - 22/11 2/4

    Player 4 - 15/8 4/4

    Player 5 - 24/3 0/0

    Player 6 - 10/12 3/2


    Team B


    Player 1 - 20/27 0/0

    Player 2 - 17/23 0/0

    Player 3 - 7/12 2/1

    Player 4 - 8/32 1/0

    Player 5 - 4/19 1/0

    I was player 6, but didn't join, spectated until kicked.


    Now what is really interesting is the photo I took (which I cant post for naming and shaming reasons).  At first you think Team B really suck, but I spectated and they didn't.  The real difference between the teams was Team A, player 1 had 3 bars, player 2 had 1 and the rest of team A had 2 bars.  Every single player on team B had 4 bars.  These bars were not flicking bit constant the whole time I spectated.


    Treyarch, this is not a good way to present your game and you certainly should not be making people with good connections suffer.

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      That wouldn't be naming and shaming I would think. It would simply be an "example" of what is being discussed in the thread. It isn't like it is a boosting/cheating complaint.

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      I played a match last night where the everyone on both teams a two bar connection except for one guy (who had a very latino sounding name) who was most likely host. He had a steady 4 bar connection the whole match and was killing people before killcam even showed his gun firing. Everything seemed like an instant death, no red, just death.


      It's really hard to play a game where one person is in extreme God mode. This was KC, I could only imagine how it would be if it were DOM and he was getting capture kills that easy

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    In my experience, those who are lagging have an advantage when it comes to corners.

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    I can play on a 2-3 bar and have high KDR+win matches. I can also do the same with 4 bars against players that are equal or below. I think it's simply a matter of perception.


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    Yeah, it's definitely just a hunch based on my own personal experience, but I do take notice of the connection status at the end of each match and it certainly does appear to me as if an inordinate number of poor connections end up at the top of their respective teams.

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    3 bar connection isn't actually that bad but 2 bar connection I leave the game