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i have given up on treyarch.


i must admit, their game balancing is pretty good. BUT the servers and performance on PS3 is terrible. it crashed my PS3 so many times at the main menu.

when i contact Activision support, all they do is ask me to check my PS3 and the black ops 2 disc. i am pretty sure it is the 1.10patch problem cause only sicne 1.10 i encounter this crashing issue at main menu and even 1.11patch.


on the other hand, MW3 is the totally opposite, server and performance is really good, never once froze or crash my PS3, but the game balancing and maps are terrible.


im seriously sick of this. i purchased season pass. if treyarch made my PS3 go YLOD, then well great, i cant play the 3rd and 4th dlc.


fix this please.