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Need Help with the SMR?

What up guys, Im a member on multiple COD forums and it seems that there are many threads started asking for help on the same few weapons.  It seems to me the two most requested for help are the KSG and the SMR.  Im going to be talking about the SMR.  In the video above youre going to see me give you tips on how to be successful with the SMR.  Im going to give you my preferred attachments and setup, also which perks I recommend pairing with this single shot assault rifle.  The SMR can be absolutely deadly when in the right hands and honestly can really frustrate the enemy at times.  I know I get killed by it sometimes and it pisses me off.  You do have to modify how you play a bit and I discuss a few things you can do to help you win gunfights with this AR. 


I also touch on my preferred scorestreak setup for really any class, especially if you enjoy rushing.  Im going to go out on a limb and say I like the SMR over the FAL when in single shot.  Dont want to get into too much since I touch on a lot in the video, hope you enjoy and I also hope I can help you learn to be effective with this AR by seeing how I play with it, combined with my suggestions and setups.




Watch in 1080p!!!

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    Checked out the vid- thanks for the constructive contribution. I really like this weapon and ironically we run nearly the same perk set, score streaks, etc. My only difference being that I don't use Primary Gunfighter.


    The reason being, with the (2) shot kill even having a minimal (20) round mag I don't find it a hindrance and prefer to carry a pistol (usually a T-45) as a personal preference- they are fun to use and offer great mobility.


    Regardless, good tips, gameplay and a positive contribution for those struggling with this weapon.

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    Nope! Just got my SMR gold the other night. I used stock, fore grip and ACOG while in HC.  Once I learned how to use it, it almost felt like an SVU with more ammo. Now I'm working on the FAL and M8..

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      Saving the best till last?

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      M8 is fun once u get select fire lol. I need 5 blood thirsties for the SMR then i have Diamond AR's! =( The guy in the video i thought had SF' cuz the shots looks like smooth and no recoil didnt sway, but just a good trigger finger. Should I try it in Core? Cuz I know in HC if I spam the trigger, the first like 2 or 3 shots never register, so maybe in Core if its 2 shot kill, its more likely to register?

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        IMO if you are using a powerful weapon then core is the way to go.  Guns like sniper rifles, shotguns (specifically the KSG), FAL, and SMR, lose their biggest advantages when you move to hardcore.


        The SMR is a two shot kill in core, only the FAL is the other AR that can claim that, and its at a much shorter distance.  When you move to hardcore, basically every weapon is a one shot kill, therefore eliminating the advantages of the SMR, high damage and pretty much endless range.


        Definitely stick to core IMO.



        Yeah, no select fire on the SMR I was using.  Funny thing about the trigger finger in regards to this weapon, you can actually fire too quickly and cause misfires (meaning you pull the trigger and nothing happens because youre exceeding its max RPM).  Like I said in the video, I think I have a pretty decent trigger finger, but I dont really have much to compare it too.


        Thanks for the kind words about the video, only my second commentary so I really appreciate it.

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      Ah the M8a1 is a fantastic gun! Once you get the feel for it, its an absolute beast. Acog and Stock was my setup for that, although use whatever sights suit you best. If you can use the irons, do so! SF isn't needed on the M8 IMO, it works well with the FAL but I hated it on the SMR.


      For the SMR I used an ACOG and a variety of other attachments just to get the calling cards and xp for em. I struggled a bit with it, yet oddly also had some fantastic games. Got my first VTOL with it and more quad feeds than I'd managed with any other gun. Still, was a relief when I golded it and could finally put it away.

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    The smr is my favorite weapon i have always chose it over the fal but thats just my personal preference i guess

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    Just got gold camo for smr.. nuketown demolition got last two longshot medals and a bloodthirsty for the last reticule on the acog in the first round .. started the second round and my son decides to upload a video to youtube ..


    guess who dropped out of the game and lost his medals!!!?

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    i use primary gunfighter too for the smr, but i found select fire, quickdraw, and acog were best. despite what people say select fire damage drop off is minimal for the smr and only affects the short range damage. acog is actually a better attachment than red dot sight because whereas red dot comes with a 1% quicker back-to-center bonus, the acog comes with 2%. Taking that into consideration with the fact that the smr is a long range weapon the acog sight is more appropriate. ive added quickdraw since ive turned this weapon into a more dynamic playing style of medium short to long range. the quickdraw and select fire actually lets you win quite a lot of short range battles while domination is still there with the long range.


    I see what you've done there with the fast mag, since the smr has the slowest reload speed in the ARs. However, I've always found that you shouldnt need such an attachment because you should always reload in cover/optimize where/when you reload. I also think if youre to exclusively use a gun like the smr at long range then you definitely shouldn't need fast mag, because you probably wont be in too many situation where you cant taken cover safely to reload. Though yes I do understand the reload speed is the slowest in the ARs and the mag size is pretty pathetic.

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    Any advice on leveling up the SMR for the first time? I'm level 2 with it so I only get a reflex and laser attachments. I cannot hit anything with it. Even at point blank range 3 shots does not kill my opponent.

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      Play slowly with it until you get stock, then putting on stock is a must.


      I like using the reflex sight as I think the irons on the gun are obstructive.


      The video I posted in the original post goes a bit more in depth with some tips on how to use the gun.


      PS-You searched well for this thread, its almost a month old.

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      Use routes on the map that will allow to shoot enemies from a flank, always easier to get those hits when they don't see you. If you don't use toughness, putit on, it's a must for me with single shot guns... Actually a must for me with everything except shotguns!


      Assuming you have a good connection, you just have to be accurate. If you have one of those connections where you get a delay between firing and hitting, maybe don't use it in those games unless you can flank well... Much harder to win up front gun battles in those situations.


      If you need to improve your accuracy, try playing with the Tac45 or Five Seven for a while, and don't be afraid to go for a few longer shots. Playing with hand guns only forces you to take smart routes on the map and be accurate, great practice!