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How did you earned or felt like after getting your first Mega Kill, Ultra Kill, or Kill Chain medal?


Earlier today on Grind in Ground War TDM, I was at the middle of the map where the action was at with an LSAT with extended mags and FMJ waiting for the enemies to come. They started to rush in and I though I get a Triple Kill at best. They continued to blindly rush in where kill 4 came easy. Enemy 5 tried to flank, but the kill was still easy. At that point, I thought an enemy will kill me and I get my 4th Frenzy Kill medal, but enemy 6 fell quickly, enemy 7 blindly rushed and was an easy kill so I thought a Mega Kill, 8000XP, and a calling sign was nice, but enemy 8 made the same mistake and I was now at an Ultra Kill medal for 1500XP, 9000XP, and a calling sign. I noticed I was out of ammo so I tried to rush with my knife to finish off the Kill Chain, but the Ultra Kill medal showed up and I died afterwards.


Even though I didn't get the Kill Chain, I walked away with the Ultra Kill call sign and decided to use it with pride. I know this isn't impressive to most on these forums, but it was still nice nevertheless nice to earn. I felt a rush of excitment after earning the medal and will show the film to my friends. My question to those that have earned one of these 3 medals: How the experience was for you? Also, is the value of these callsigns lower due to boosters that boost to get them?