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Guns and why This Game is Almost Balanced


  First off I would like to say to everyone that no matter what gun you use, the odds are that basically it is balanced, and fair ever since the patches have been implanted almost every gun is fair except for those few that stick out as I will mention below and those few that need a buff the same. Lastly let me apologize ahead of time for grammatical errors, and this type thread trust me I know there are there are thousands of them but I feel like most of them are wrote by immature kids who don't know how to write like a educated cod player which there are educated cod players out there! Driftor on youtube is one of them well anyway lets go ahead and get into the numbers!

lets start with the ones that could use a nerf


Here you can find the websight were I got these Numbers.



Just a side note when I speak of ranges I speak of drop offs if you don't know what that is it's when the bullet after traveling so far.


Kap 40

Nerfed from 45 damage with in 10 ft to 33 damage with in 20 ft other than that keep the same stats.



nerfed from 45 damage with in 10 ft to 34 damage over 15 ft then dropping off and reducing to 24 damage up to 30 ft then dropping off one last time and reducing to 15 damage up to a max range of 70 ft.



This gun in my opinion is almost balanced just add a little more recoil I would say decrease center speed by 8% just enough to make it ever so less accurate.



I also feel this gun is almost balanced it just needs less range not a big deduction its a slug that is being fire and should fire from far away so I would say increase the medium drop off range from 30 ft to 40 ft and lower the close range kill range from 10 ft to 8 ft.


Here is a list of guns that should be buffed.



not a big buff but a small range increase one for its medium range increase it from 20 ft to 35 ft this way the gun can at least stand more of a chance at medium range.



This gun is by far my favorite in BO2 but it absolutely stands no chance at medium range that's why I feel it deserves a medium range boost from 20 to 35.


S 12

This shot gun is a 4 shot kill in my opinion no shot gun should ever be a 4 shot kill up close and should be boosted from 30 damage with in 5 ft to 34 with in 8 ft.


Scar H

Some say it is over powered I disagree and find it as an assualt rifle god awful at range with that recoil and feel that the center speed should be increased by 10% to make it just a tenth more accurate at a distance.


That's it for now tell me if you want me to do more of these and feel free to post what ever your opinion is on my nerfs and buffs and if you object please do and explain why thanks.Leave a comment