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I Keep Seeing..


I keep seeing all of these people with the Ghost pre-order camo on their guns..


First, I can't be the only one that has been unsatisfied with the previous Call of Duty titles..


     To explain, It does not have much to do with gameplay features, but rather with the functionality of the multiplayer aspect of the game. I can't be the only one who has realized that the game has become much more lag-prone throughout the years, and in turn, it ruins the gaming experience.

I for one, have went and even upgraded my interent connection. To my prevail, it did not ultimately benefit my connection. I still run a consistant 3 bar. (for stats, I pay for 25-100 ping, 12 down, 1 up connection --- previously, I was getting 75+ ping, 10 down, 1 up connection) Either way, I have not noticed a significant improvement in the conneciton aspect of the game.  


     Why are people dishing out money for something that they have no solitude to? Every Call of Duty has looked great from what they actually show us.. And after playing Call of Duty since Modern Warfare, it doesn't have a lot to do with game features. The downfall of Call of Duty has been the connection issues. I am impressed with what Black Ops II has brought to the franchise, even with Modern Warfare III (even though I didn't play it much). But the main problem I have with the game now, is that the connection is laggy and inconsistent.. I can't be the only one that has noticed this, yet I see people putting money into the franchise for a free camo.


     I guess my point is that the franchise is never going to get better if we consistently have people paying for aesthetic perks. Call of Duty has become a franchise that has progressed to please the visual senses, but has done little to actually make the multiplayer fair and consistant. I am curious as to why people are still on the Call of Duty bandwagon, yet still complain about it on a daily basis.


Feel free to comment, or put me in my place.

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    I pre-ordered it. I had money to spend and I knew I'd end up getting it to play with mates anyway. Also, I had no connection issues on MW3, and have hand none in here since moving to HC. I like the game, I get the occasional dodgy lobby and a few WTF moments but no online multiplayer experience will ever be perfect due to the hugely varying nature of players connections.


    The camo was a bonus, not a reason for pre-ordering.

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      I suppose I understand your viewpoint, but I don't understand how you actually came to it. You said that you have experienced the WTF moments, and the instances in which you are killed around corners, etc. But, yet, you put your money into another title, knowing that the previous title was not up to it's potential. I guess my question is: When did you start playing Call of Duty? And if you started in Modern Warfare 3, and noticed WTF moments, then went on to BO2, and again noticed WTF moments, why put more of your money into another title without confirmation that it is not going to be the same? I have been playing Call of Duty for over 5 years, and every year, it seems to get worse...


      My question, is why haven't others noticed this? This game can clearly make improvements in the matchmaking process, and a clear solution to more balanced gameplay would be to implement dedicated servers, yet we have been stuck with a host advantage/disadvantage (depending when you began), and as long as they are making money, the game is not going to get any better..


      To compare this scenario, I would suggest looking up Google Fiber. For years, people have been paying the monthly fee for below average - average connection speeds. No one can really complain, because they are getting the best that is offered. However, Google Fiber comes along and shows people that there is better than what we have been paying for. Technology is in place to make internet/gaming expereriences better. If we continue to pay for the bad connections, Google Fiber has no place. My point.. We deserve better, and technology has improved enough that we (as a whole) shouldn't have to deal with it.


      Again, you said that you have had problems with the gaming experience, so why pre-order and expect something better. And if you're expecting the same when you pre-order, as what you have previously received, then why would you pre-order something in which you have noticed faults? Do you see the faults in your logic?

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        I am from Australia, with a very, very horrible internet connection compared to most parts of the world. 98-99% of the time I run 3-4 bars, and am relatively happy with it. There are occasions where my streak is ended getting shot 'Matrix-Style' around a corner, but I've come to accept it.

        I haven't preordered Ghosts but will most likely purchase it, one reason is Xbox One has dedicated servers (thats if I don't change my mind and get PS4 instead).

        If there are dedicated servers in Australia, I'm willing to really try Ghosts out, and hopefully its not a disappointment.

        I do feel however, that they should focus on the current game, with half a year left until the next game comes out. Stop creating hype about the next game and focus on getting lag comp to work properly. As I said, only sometimes I suffer the pain but its more important to keep the game franchise alive.

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        Because the WTF's are so rare, and as I said, no online experience will ever be perfect so I can live with them.


        I'm not sure you actually read and understood my reply tbh.

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    People will spend money if they see something they want regardless of the faults.


    But if you are complaining about the lag in the game then trust me , every year the lag will "get worse". There is a reason they never promise lag free games in their advertisements.


    some of the issues are normal occurrences that will happen in the game.


    for example being shot around corners is not you being shot around corners. That is caused by the fact you were already dead before you rounded the corner, the latency in you connection just updated the game on your side when you got around the corner.

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    100+ ping of course you lagging bro. I rarely lag in any call of duty unless a bad host is selected but usually host migrations fix that (usually). I buy call of duty because I enjoy it I know for a fact ghosts will release and have some glitches but so does every other major game launch but at least cod gets out the patches for game breaking glitches quicker than any other franchise. And I'm not talking about nerfs those are cosmetic. Also op you seem to want to rid the online games of lag. That's never going to happen. If you are so fed up tho you can speak for your own wallet and not buy the next cod.

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      Maybe that's why I have no problems and OP does, I have a 20ms ping / 12 down / 2 up. Yet for some reason most times I'm picked as host the game migrates and boots me, even though everyone is on a 4 bar and moving around fine. Can't quite figure that one out...