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    Just noticed this hack over the weekend. Playing Domination and I watched the replay to confirn. Not only were they invisible, but I believe they started the game before the rest of us, because as the timer was counting down (it was on 8 or 9) the game reported (audio) 'Capturing C' as the hacker ran past it.


    I am concerned this is allowed by activision to 'encourage' us to by the next installment. Well I've already got Ghosts on pre-order for the Xbox One, and if this hack isn't fixed shortly, I'll cancel my Ghosts pre-order.

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    NickName: SaUde__-PLiiM_Zz


    cheater..... = INVISIBLE...


    .. Please ban This player

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    I've contacted Activision via Twitter and all they say to do is report them in game and "thank you for you're diligence." NO UPDATES as to whether they are going to fix it or not. If you really want to stick it to them, DON'T buy Ghosts and switch to another online FPS. The consumer has ALL the POWER...we just have to hit them where it hurts.

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    I've started to notice the invincible hack over the last 2 weeks its so annoying u so times get a flash of there name just before then knife u, I think they also can't be hit cause 1 was showing up on my UVA I new he was invincible and I was spraying like crazy and didnt even get a hitmarker. I agree the only to fix this s not to buy ghosts.

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    I've seen at least 4 players using the hack now, and last night I knew they'd be invisible before the game started - they were called

    You cant see me

    You cant kill me

    (not accurate spellings, they used 3 instead of e, and probably some other differences)


    Subtle touch I thought.


    Anyway, as much as I've been looking forwarded to Ghosts, I will definitely cancel my pre-order if they don't fix this.

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    I contacted activision via facebook yesterday...to ask about what is going to be done about the hackers.....They replied and said they are aware of the problems and are looking into the issue......And told me that i must report then with in game report system... So if you see these clowns jump out the game and REPORT them....

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    theres lots of people doing it i guess ive seen 2 so far

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    I had the same problem in Dmination, last time they were on my team, I didn't notice that they were invisible. But when it was my turn to be against the 2 hackers(Yes 2), I notcied that they were invisible by looking in the killcam. The hacker,Mr_Hacker_101, stabbed me infront. I didn't report them though, and that is when I fewlt really dumb for not stopping them!

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    Me - a BLOPs 1 fan & a few MW3 m8s have now given up on this until Activision ban these ar$eh0les consoles & isp


    Playing Battlefield 3 last night into early hours - last game was a TDM match up to 500 kills on a euro server - man that was one tight long game finishing 500 - 480 in our favour but was so so close.


    Jeez we was well pumped up by the end - haven't been that pushed since the MW3 competitions last year - you know when Elite was brilliant for FFA & Clan Ops


    Then BLOPs II came along and - well it all went pear-shape


    What I mean by this is: if most regular players that are just fed up with hackers, if they went off playing something else for a week or two - heck a month, yeah i know a month without COD is like a hunger strike


    Anyway Activision would be able to say "this week 40 million ....", but perhaps "5,000 & most of them hackers" type of thing


    They would notice server connections dropping - now if the last 3 games drop to say under 50% their normal connections say for a week or 2, then Activision might just start to wake up and think H0LY CR^P - our little world of COD & the new hyped up new release might just fall flat on its AR$E


    wouldn't take much over a social network or a few forums like xbox-scene etc to setup a date: weekend / week / fortnight that all regular players abstain from COD


    Our other halves - ladies / wives / girlfriends uhm ergh boyfriends if you are a female - ohh sod this political correct cr^p - our partners might be happy to have us around - or maybe they will get so fed up they will buy us Battlefield / MOH or Disney Infinity

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    spot on mate, im in

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