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hard to believe


1st 10 seconds of the game and the guy on the other team has 7 kills and 0 deaths...we never even had a chance to leave spawn area...his teammates had 0 kills..my team had 4 kills and 7 deaths....1st 10 seconds...what is up with that....I left...he wouldn't die...I was using a fal...unbelievable...we were all behind the house...explain how he got there that fast

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    Momba1 use same program he will help you !

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    Go watch the film and find out.

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    IF it was on a small map like Nuketown and in particular DEM then the spawns are more-less fixed and Spawn Trapping is pretty easy.

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      agreed, i guess it was on nuketown. And yes, some guyz do not care at all about objectives, they just rush on ennemies spawn ( with light weight+marathon+FMJ) and "BamBam spawnrape" lol. So, some folks can have a lot of kills within the first 30 seconds of the round.

      It's not cheat, it's just lame (some folks will say it's map control *sigh*) .

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    Fact: This game on PC is over flowded from cheaters! i bet 75 % is cheated. Wallhack and Aimbot in every round. This is since 2 weeks now. They should add VAC ban to the game and the half people that did buy that game could not play it anymore. In each lobby are 2 to 6 people wit VAC ban on Steam.

    Time to deinstall game and go back to BF

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    Hello There,


    If you feel that the player in anyway was using some sort of exploit at all, then please feel free to report them in game, and our security team will further investigate this.







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      I report in game all the time...after I review the films....wont report without checking first...if it still looks suspicious I report...its for you to decide...not me if they are cheating or not...but I do agree lots of prior vac bans in game...if they cheat in one game they will definitely cheat in another...why doesn't steam have vac ban on codbo2??? just curious my friend...vac ban just stops them for that particular game...not all games...they still have the cheats and will use them/...they are paid for...so why not