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Invisible Hack


I report boosters through the normal channels but this guy is wandering around invisible, never seen anything like it before in 38 days of playtime, watching the game back from his perspective he is a light grey colour, I also think he may be invincible as he got stuck by a Semtex and survived, this was in a public TDM lobby, watching the game from other players perspective proved to me that he was invisible. I know I can't name players but I think cases like this should be jumped on right away so if any of the forum moderators want to drop me a note directly I will pass on the players name, not sure how long he has been hacking but his profile says over 15 days.

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    I just reported a player. Invisible. Invincible. 9 days play. Level 50. 51755 wins and 380 losses. A dirty great big whopping 143.75 K/D ratio.You know they wont do anything about them and unfortunately so do they. Thats why so many are doing it now. When you see the iiNviSiible_Man in your lobby. Back out and join another. Cos you aint got no chance.

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      I guess they get lots of reports but they should really jump on anybody hacking and ruining lobby after lobby for other players, I have to say this was the first time I have seen a player hack a public lobby, maybe I have come across others without realising it but this guy stood out a mile. I looked at his recent games and he seemed to be spending hours game after game just wandering around invisibly mimicking other players, I do wonder what he (or she) got out of doing this, maybe they have mental health issues.

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    I contacted activison support and this is what they said:



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      I contacted a player just now for the unlimited mortars. He said "i cry". I said you will when they ban you. He said "tell them and see. F*** you *****". His tag.is GhOsT_du_94120. And he aint scared 1 little bit bout the big talk from Activision.....Apparently

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    Same here first time seen a whole team invisible... I was playing search & destroy & they f***** up the game lobby smh..

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    Yup seen 3 players today - or rather haven't seen them


    All on Search n Destroy - checking last 2 hackers - they were british like me


    Probably bought it from some lame youtube guy for £2


    FFS - early August MW3 had same thing & now seems somebody has ported some of the code over


    Have pre-ordered Ghosts Hardened Edition, but Activision needs to come down really hard on anyone using hacks


    1st Offense - 30 days ban from COD servers & reset ALL COD stats


    2nd Offense - Total console ban from COD servers - no exceptions


    The console ban is sometimes scoffed at by people just wanting to screw things up for others...

    They just go out & get another 2nd hand console quite cheaply - especially with PS4 round the corner so.....


    3rd Offense - Console & ISP ban from COD & PSN


    Once a few people get their last console & ISP banned from both COD & PSN then perhaps these kids will learn a lesson when they have to tell mummy & daddy we need another new console & now can we switch internet providers too as they have been a very silly boy


    Probably won't ever happen but in meantime I'm off to play Battlefield 3 - yeah I know it has hacks n glitches too but I really used to enjoy Blops 1 - earning pro-perks the legit way, putting up with spawn trapping noobs on Demolition try to get ninja pro or camping professionals that haven;t prestiged but stay on CTF camping by their flag with motion sensor aimed right at the pin of flag


    Yes despite the odd noobs trying to spawn trap or pro's that never prestige n think they were good, Obviously they had the beta demo version of Blops 1...


    - no i got the full proper version


    - You sure m8 ???


    - Of course I am sure


    - Oh sorry I thought with a beta demo version they didn't have the prestige button, butnow I just realise you are too ***** to prestige - is that coz your big brother won't get you all them pro perks again for you to camp with.....


    - RAGE


    Seriously - I canput up with the odd person getting to 14th or 15th prestige in under 1 or 2 days providing they aren't gonna screw my objective games up too much when going for marathon pro or ninja pro etc.....


    Most people will agree you need aprox 30k kills & decent k/d & accuracy should be 15%+

    Yes you can do it in less but you wouldhave to playing S&D or headquarters AND be good at it to reach 15th really quick - plus your matches & score is a dead give away along with amount of killstreaks etc.....


    Yup can put up with all that but not this recent invisible & invincible hack


    Rant over - off to play BF3 now instead

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      I bet you feel better forgetting that off your chest. Just to say there was another invisible man just now on the same team as me, he was invisible to me as we'll as the enemy though I could still his player name in green, this sucks, us die hard BLOPS1 fans put up with lots of gripes but this hack is running games for a lot of people......

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        Bomb3rZz_Cover   -  ban this guy isp coz he is one the main people actually making money from selling and/or offering this service out to others


        Using a hack is one thing but selling it is way out of order....


        Last year somebody I know got banned for boosting in MW3 - before you start he was already 20th prestige in MW3 - his boosting was him & another console going for headshots with another ps3 using tac insertions etc....just to get some poxy guns gold

        He got banned 30 days - MW3 stats reset no warning this time last year - he argued about a warning but Activision said they were no longer giving out warnings.


        No it wasn't me - I really wish it was coz he is a very very good player especially on MW3 - in fact Activision have mugged him numerous times even after that, when he & his clan reached top level they got some quad xp time then he gets moab's and 4x becomes 8x XP - reach a certain point and I think it was 80,000 xp Activision set as a limit of xp to be earnt in a game or you must be hacking

        He reckons that at least 320,000xp was robbed from him - so he & the clan had to ease up whilst their quad xp time was running


        Getting back to my point - he was banned 30 days etc... yet was hardly ruining the game for anyone else, funny thing was in gaming matches most of the time they wouldn't put gold on guns - think about it gold gun attracts attention so enemy would most likely try to pick up a gold gun as opposed to some old plain black gun next to it.


        People selling or making profit from this hack allowing noobs to have this class added to their 7 or 12 day account with a negative KD.....

        tad dah..... there ya go now go n have a killing spree getting all them chopper gunner dogs etc....


        BAN THEM - especially people that sell the hack

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          I said about inviible fella not that long ago. Seems he has a new tag now. This time its X-INVISIBLE-Man. Not really that much new about him really except his name. Still the usual. Invible.Invincibe etc. Shame.IP address ban has got to be the way.

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    Just played one match and started another with a player using this "invisible" hack. First game, he was on the opposing team. You could hear his gunfire (and see team members falling dead when no one was there) or hear him when he was using the knife, but could not see him. He was immune to a chopper gunner, claymores, C4, etc. So, he was not only invisible but playing in God Mode??? Second game, we were on the same team. You could only see his gamer tag, NOTHING else!! He had 7533 kills with NO deaths! OGdirtyclams was his tag. Is there a direct email or is calling the only was to report?

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    How would you know idontcheattowin? Do you cheat to win?

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    This hack is a few weeks old now and im still seeing the same guy using it everyday, his psn id is Destony_hackz, I don't see the point myself, he must enjoy getting hate messages I guess.

    Please console ban all these guys activision, us fair honest gamers who support you by buying the game/dlc deserve a better service and should not have to put up with these cheaters.

    If anyone want's some fair 1 v 1 battles then add me psn id DAVIDR1978 .

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    Hi i have been reporting invisible hackers to activision for 7 months now and the same guys who i reported in aug 2013 are still online and invisible ???

    All i get from activision is we have sent the info to the appropriate people they will be dealt with but 7 months later they still playing with the SAME name as well ;(


    MY NEXT CONSOLE WONT BE SONY/ACTIVSION/TREYARCH will get NO more money out of me im afraid ;(

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      Run into hackers daily and have had several brag that nothing is done about the reporting. I have the same resolve, my next system will not be Sony if they don't have any interest in their client's investments.

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    Hacker has a lot in this game, what do we do?

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    activision, What do we do? with this hack?

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      There are 2 ways to deal with Hackers in Call of Duty. Record there exact name time you played them and what they were doing. Report them to BoosterBusters.com. Or I found an online monitor to report too directly. It seems to take him a couple days but he has gotten people banned that I found.

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        I Just write few nicknames invisible players aas another discussion. "Again hacker" they disturb my day off today . I'm thinking to go and buy may be Xbox couse sony foesnt care about people who spend money on games or they just want us to buy new Ps4

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    lol people keep hacking and but how

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    Add another name to the list for permabans!!!


    RealDealSeal81 has been found invincible and invisible.  I had seen him twice on 4/2/2014 playing Hardcore Team Deathmatch. 



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    sadly no one will ever get banned or kicked offline the makers of this game or to busy with furture games witch is why this one is getting hacked. this game is 3 years old and the makers dont really care nor have the time to ban people they re to busy baning and fixing BO2 and getting ready to release a new game.

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    Sadly i plays BO1 once it released, in earlier 2013 i seen to many hackers while am playing i do what others do which's report them, and next week i saw the hacker's still playing? hhhh

    what i am trying to say: I AM SICK WITH HACKERS??


    personally, i'm not a big fan with other call of duty's games. Still loving Black Ops1!!!

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    hello. I am new here to the forums. And this hack will never get patched. They are toI busy on bo2 and ghosts. And all the new games they are working On so yea. Stop trying

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    how do I do this>?