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Explain the point of the ultimate wind staff.


This thread is about the ultimate wind staff and compared with the other staffs.

The two best staffs overall are the ultimate fire staff and the ultimate ice staff, the ice staff because it can kill full waves of zombies rather effectively with the 3 shot ability and the fire staff can kill the panzer boss instantly with the 6 shot ability and kill full train of zombies with the 3 shot and 6 shot ability. The lighting staff is not as good as the others however it has a larger ammo capacity so therefore is justified.

Now the important part, the ultimate wind staff has 60 overall in ammo capacity so therefore it should be logically if not better or as good as the fire staff or ice staff, this is not the case it is awful against boss zombies and its ability 3 shot and 6 shot kills the zombies slowly and you struggle to kill full waves like the ice and fire can sometimes you can but a lot of luck can apply to this it sucks more at the higher rounds whilst the ice and fire staff maintain awesomeness. This in my opinion is retarded it has low ammo and sucks, what is the point of it then? The wind staff needs a immediate buff here are 3 of my ideas, increase ammo by 50% at least, make it so its ability is at least as good as the ice staff's ability or make the wind staff's ability shoot thundergun shots on its 3 shot ability and a extended thundergun shot on its 6 shot ability, this would be fair because it would have low ammo the thundergun idea is good because its wind

What do you guys think?

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    I personally really like the upgraded wind staff. I also think they have balanced the staffs really well by giving them different capabilities. The wind staff is definitely the worst when it comes to the panzers, but it path clears in a way that none of the others can. I think this is why it has less ammo. If you get cornered with the ice staff it is much more difficult to path clear as they can still slap you when frozen. Also, if you train when the panzers spawn and get some zombies in front of the panzer and shoot them with the full charge, it seems to do better damage than directly shooting the panzers.

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    Don't know what you're smoking, the Wind Staff is the best one.

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    I find that its perfectly fine for taking out trains

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    Apologies for being unclear it is less superior on higher rounds 40+ ask any pro It can kill trains just much more slowly and a the ice staff is better for that it should have more ammo simple as that because there is nothing special about it.

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    I like the ultimate wind staff and think it does a great job taking out trains and clearing a path quickly but I do agree about the lack of ammo, seems like it should have more.

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    i dont like how the ultimate wind becomes useless so early on round 25, all the upgraded staffs start to lose their power which is pathetic considering the pain staking process it takes to get them to that stage.i think they should be instakill

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    I love the wind staff. It helps me liked the Vitriolic Withering helped me when I got trapped, it either stunned them in their place or blew/killed them all. It's amazing for running trains. If you get that train of zombies coming from your front and back, you can use the wind to wipe out the front and keep running just with the 3 shot. If you need time to do something, you can use the 6 shot and it creates a delay large enough for you to do it. For example, three teammates have been squashed under the robot foot in the same area. They were running a huge train and I have a huge train. I rush in, use my 6 shot ability and it sucks all the zombies in to a tornado. I revive one, shoot it again, and revive the other two. If the panzer is chasing me with a huge train, and the foot comes down on the path in front of me, preventing me from advancing. What can I do? Wipe the train out, try to kill the panzer, and run the hell out of there or create a big enough gap where when the foot comes up, I can just run out and be saved.

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    In lower rounds, the wind staff is as effective as the thundergun with one shot.


    I think it's the mid-rounds where it must be charged to kill zombies that the lack of ammo is really noticed and makes it a drawback compared to other staffs.


    In high rounds, however, the wind staff and the ice staff are the only weapons worth a damn.  At 80+ the electric staff and fire staff barely even bruise the zombies.  Wind and ice still insta-kill with a short or long charge.  Even though the wind staff doesn't have a lot of ammo, it's presence in combination with the ice staff feels like a gift from above once high rounds are reached.

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    LOve the wind staff. Nobody really wants it so it makes the decision making easy anbury the time it would lose power and become useless, somebody will inevitably leave the game. Wind for the win.

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    Replying to the original post. The wind staff is perfect for taking out train full upgraded and charged takes out a horde in one shot. It's a beast, if you don't like the wind staff you're probably not using it right. And if you can't take out a panzer with a normal gun you probably need some practice.

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    I think you're stupid.

    Plain and simple.

    Ice is three hit kill until 122.

    Wind is 3 hit kill until 132.

    Higher rounds


    Now stop complaining.

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      I beg to differ the ice staff becomes pretty awful at round 111.

      I came here with a question not for complaining, some very good answers very good feedback.

      I know how to kill the panzer I use upgraded pistol for that tricky guy

      I simply explained overall the wind staff is not great sure it can kill zombies but its ammo is awful making it really bad for high rounds because the ammo wastes away but that has always been a problem in zombies.

      This thread is about opinions and at least 90% of you understood the post and I am now happy to say I enjoy the wind staff a little more however I stand by and say the ammo blows hard.

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      I'm sure you've used it at those rounds too, otherwise you wouldn't be posting an opinion like that, would you?


      Who cares what a staff does after 100, MOST PEOPLE aren't getting up there without exploiting the game in some way, anyways.

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    In my opinion the Wind staff is the worst too. The lightning staff is my favorite because of the high ammo and the ability to kill a wave in one shot with or without the charged shot. The fire is my second favorite due to it's sheer power, and the ice is a great staff all around, and it's charged shot acts as a good wall. But the wind staff does need more ammo to be effective but I do like it's charged shot but it also can receive a buff.