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flak jacket is op


flak jacket makes the following explosives require 2x

c4 2x

claymore 2x

frag grenade 2x

crossbow 2x (even if the target is hit with one he/she will not die)

rpg 2x

smaw 2x

bouncing betty 2x

rcxd 2x(if somehow you had two of them attack the same target) There is also more killstreaks it survives against but its obvious how strong flak jacket is once you read to this point.


This is not balanced at all. This destroys the point of explosives and I think flak jacket should provide damage resistance against only a select few, not the entire arsenal. Because all that remains is combat axe resistance...

But I would like to see what the community believes it should keep you alive against.

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    look at how many explosives you listed and then maybe you'll understand why flak jacket has to be where it is

    sorry you people have to get a kill with a gun every now and then

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    If killing people with a gun in the game was a problem I would have posted it....you obviously are a user of it and dont want to see the nerfs it needs.

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    And what exactly is the nerf is needs? Exept for the RCXD, i don't see the problem with the rest. It's supposed to give resistance to explosive, that means ALL explosive. Thought it was simple... Use it and stop complaining

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    So I guess that the rate people can pull out c4's and lob them at people is "balanced" too right?


    With the amount of explosives like that constantly being used, it's no wonder why flak jacket is where it is now. That extra protection is necessary for the way things work in this game.

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    I dont know what it should be nerfed against right off the bat.

    But against killstreaks such as the rcxd is a start.

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    obviously it's an implied problem considering you're complaining about explosives being unable to do all of the work 100% of the time


    i actually don't use it that often, it's just irritating seeing people complain about it when actually mentioning the ridiculous amount of explosions in the game and thinking the issue lies with flak jacket

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    If it irritates you then you should not be on forums, forums are full of complaints.

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    So its better to see people live though rpg's now.

    Funny, one would think this is halo now.

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    To get something changed on cod, you need a ton of player to complaint about. Just like QS that is gonna be out of Ghosts. Not sure flak will be nerf or whatever, live with it and keep throwing lightning fast C4... You'll need 2 to kill me anyway with em

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