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I need help with my DLC Content please!


Hi guys,


I'm playing on the PS3 and I downloaded all of the DLC content (All 4 DLCS) and installed it from my friends account, (Gamesharing) (I'm pretty sure, and 4 access codes, my friend doesn't have one of the access codes) and when I go onto Mw3, It does not show any of the map packs in a private match, and I can't play on them online? He has a load of crap on his playstation store, do I have to download all of it? And do I have to download the themes for mw3 that he got and all of that? Please help, I really want the Map Packs to work (I re-installed it again and tried it all again) (I deleted mw3 cache and shet :C) And yes he is able to game share it, no one else has taken it... he deactivated the other accounts so that I could download it.