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Looking To Create A Public Stomping Team/Clan!


Hi lads,


I'm Matt or x iGardy, i'm 22 years old and from the UK and i'm just currently looking for a few more casual but above average Xbox gamer's to play with on Blackops 2 and going into CoD Ghosts,  people with past experience in clans would be great but as long as you can easily hold your own in public and know the majority of the call outs in game that's all that really matters so a working headset and mic is a must.


I've actually asked this before on here and had contact with a few players who i now play with regularly who are top lads and i can't remember the last time when we lost when playing in a team.


I'll give you a few of my Blackops  2 stats:


Prestige Master

K.D: 2.32

Win Percentage: 70%

SPM: 484


All fully legit, dashboarding is not something i do, in fact i tend not too play with anyone again who does dashboards for K.D whilst playing with me as at the end of the day the win matters more than K.D.


If you're interested in joining a public stomping team in time for CoD Ghost in order to rank up fast and have fun then please send me a friend request online my GT: x iGardy


Alternatively leave a reply on here and i will be sure to contact you, thanks for taking the time to read this!.



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    If it doesn't work out man hit me up. We have a well established clan going on and pub stomp all the time as well as league stomp.

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    Do we have to make a new account? My Psn is RzoRvv

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    Hey my name is Kris we have a clan and we are looking for a few more members we play bo2 right now but this clan is mainly for ghosts and tournamtents we plan to start our youtube channel too we are really good and there is room for you if you would like

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    You play video games to do what? To get on a website every day for hours on end, to pick through topics that probably don't even concern or interest you? You join clans to play with like minded individuals, so you don't have to play with random "pub rats", so you can work as a Team with a common objective (not just everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off).


    You thinking of joining a clan with a "Top whatever number" from some voting website? What sense does that even make? Who cares how many votes some clan has? When all it matters is what you can do in game.


    Put your money where your mouth is, and come check out a true gaming clan, the Savage Outcast Battalion!


    Yes, we have a website, and yes you are required to check it out, register and apply for membership on it. Yes, you do need to check it out and post (but it's only for the Clan Muster, which is held once per month). Beyond that we try and keep it simple. Our site is specifically for keeping our members informed as to what is going on, Clan wide. To track Events (Tournaments, Practices, etc). We do encourage our members to utilize our system, but it isn't required for you to hang around on there for hours. Get on, get informed, team up, and jump in game! Simple.


    The Savage Outcast Battalion supports both casual and competitive gamers, whether you like just burning off some steam, "pub wrecking" after work, or gamebattles, we support you!

    Want to lead your own Team? All you have to do is create it and recruit for it, any member (Private First Class and above) is able to create and lead their own Team, be it casual or competitive. Set your own days and times for events/practices, recruit your friends, and get to causing some mayhem.


    We support multiple games across both the PlayStation and XBOX platform. So, if you ever tire of one game you can always find another within the Savage Outcast Battalion.


    The Savage Outcast Battalion is a democratic organization. Have a suggestion, a comment, a concern? Bring it up, you aren't just a name or a number on a roster.

    While we recognize and applaud those with high k/d's or high levels of skill in a game, neither is a prerequisite for joining or maintaining membership with the Savage Outcast Battalion. Are you dedicated to the cause? Loyal to the clan and your team? Want to have a direct and positive impact on your gaming community? That is the type of member we are looking for!


    Are you:


    • At least 18 years of age (will waiver younger if deemed "mature" enough)
    • Have a working microphone
    • Be able to access Savage-Outcasts.com regularly (specifically to sign that Clan Muster)
    • Be able to attend Events/Practices on a regular basis (basically be active in game)


    If you can meet those base requirements (or think you can), please visit our website Savage-Outcasts.com to apply for membership.


    We are brand new, so anyone with leadership experience (or potential) interested in lending a helping hand, and being apart of the "future greatness", I encourage you to check us out.



    Savage Outcast Battalion

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    Hello, my gamertag on xbox live is iTs MaNiMaL i have a 1.80 k/d and would like to pub stomp if your interested add iTs MaNiMaL im 14