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Anyone know if there will be Clans wars option Solo players?


Hi folks,


As in the title, I was curious if anyone knows if the clan wars part of Ghosts MP will be open to solo players???


Personally, I got very bored/annoyed at BO2 for a number of reasons very quickly. Then I discovered League Play with the 4v4, I played in that game type for months as a Solo player and had lots of fun. It was especially satisfying when 4 solo players were destroying a clan teams. ;~)


I know I could join a clan but I would really prefer playing solo. Mainly due to having throat cancer a couple of years ago and I have difficulty in speaking loud enough to talk via a headset.

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    I've wondered that very same question.  I've got a large clan but I like playing solo.  I have to wonder if the Clan vs Clan will be set up where you have to bring your own team or if it will basically match make the teams together (ie a clan with two people getting paired with a clan of 4?)  The objective seems to be some blurred version of winning games and holding down an area.  I don't know what "holding down an area" means exactly.  Is it an area on the overall map (ie win the game) or a smaller area within the map selected (ie win the game while controlling a small area).  I suspect that it will be similar to what we have today and in that case individual players will still be able to contribute.  However, I have read that you can gain clan xp anytime that you are partied up with at least one other clan member.  This would imply that you could actually gain clan xp just playing normal modes as long as you are in a clan party.  Regardless of which way it plays out, I'm definitely curious to the answers.

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    Just thinking out loud on my own thread.


    Surely, it must be easy enough for IW to recognize non clan players (solo players). Therefore, shouldn't IW already have an in build "solo clan" indicator.


    So when a solo (non clan) player goes on the Clan Wars map/matches. The in build system goes "solo clan" and grabs 3 similar folk and allows them to get involved in the territorial clan/map wars thing.


    Then after a few months of playing, it would be interesting to see the actually clan stats and see where the solo clan (solo players) get ranked against actually clans.