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Quickscoping needs to be removed


At the start of black ops 2 it was somewhat tolerable. But now nearly everything single game I play from free for all to search and destroy matches are filled with them. The reason I say is because its gotten out of hand to the point you can shoot them and they still can qs as if they never took any damage. Treyarch needs a solution because whatever they did before still is not working, i heard rumor that they undid the patch because of threats from the bads who dont want to play people fairly, but now its taken over the game. only a hand few of guns are fast enough to beat qs because of the fire time.

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    Stop complaining, if you had any idea how difficult it is to quickscope in a game where the maps are basically impossible to effectively use a sniper on and a game that is overrun by SMG players, you wouldn't be complaining. I've been playing Call Of Duty since COD4 and I have always loved using snipers, but Black Ops 2 leaves me with nothing else to do but quickscope, and 9/10 after I miss my first shot I will get killed by an AR/SMG player. So stop complaining about people using a bolt action weapon when they're almost always at a massive disadvantage to you.

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    congrats I have been playing since cod 2 so your history is crap to me. Second you are obviously very bad at qs because if your missing 9/10 times you just suck at it then. You have not seen the qs players iv come across, getting like 2 hit markers on them and still getting shutdown because of the damage difference. THEY are at a major advantage in almost all aspects at the game. the run and gun with a sniper is out of control.

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    The problem you are seeing is what plagues everyone in this game and that is Latency. Yes you are putting two to three shots in them and they are quick scoping you, but if you would have shot at the instant they saw you and reacted then you would get the kill. The time to kill in this game is just about the same on most all guns. And that includes snipers. I say that because it takes about the same amount of time to completely scope in and get the shot off as it does to kill with an SMG.


    The problem I have is the auto-aim still works on snipers while they are taking shots. It's not like that on any other weapon class in the game.

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    This is like saying camping and rushing needs to be removed.

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    This has absolutely nothing to do with anything I said. 

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    He's saying that just like rushing and camping, quickscoping is a playstyle.

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    qs is making snipers do things they shouldnt, that is an inescapable truth. treyarch needs to find a solution.

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    quickscoping is not a play style, its a glitch. camping and rushing is a playstyle, camping in a sense is the strongest type of defensive tactic for holding down a flag, bomb, or building(I dont mean spawn camping) and rushing being the most offensive and agressive type. to compare qs to either of these two is idiotic.

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    Spoken like a true hater. You've been playing since COD2 and you're still having difficulties dealing with them. It seems like your skills didn't improve over the years.

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