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Call of duty world at war 2


I am a call of duty original by that I mean I played the very first one on the PC all them years ago Not the Xbox or playstation 2 versions. I would like to see a call of duty world at war 2 come out because that game was fantastic even if the British where cut out of the game. I can't believe they have not made a ww2 game since world at war just as they where getting good at it as well with all the gore and introducing the Japanese. I have not played a call of duty game since Black opps 2 and I will never play another till it goes back to what made it what it is today. They should not forget there roots but there should forget all this Russia attacks the world rubbish. What do you the people think.

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    SIde note. You could have different endings and stuff such as you could be selfish and leave your teammates to get killed and run away or you could help save them or you could stop the killing of pow's or you could join in the killing. Make the game free roam but kind of like crysis or far cry 1 but you parachute in to Normandy with linear missions But side missions like run to a village and kill a officer or blow up a bridge. They would figure out the rest I'm sure of it. 

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    Then you will not be playing CoD anymore and no one will miss you. For they do not need to go back to WW2 just to make a few players like you happy.


    They do not have to stay or repeat that time period just because you thought it was fun. times changes, games change. They dont and should not have to stay the same ever.

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      This guy must not know about WW2. Tanks=power. Weapons=evolving. It would be a nice turn away from the "Evil Russian" cliche. Do you even know at what time peroid the basis of the Assault Rifle took place? Hint: WW2. STG44. World first Assault Rifle. In case you try to fight me on that one, here: Sturmgewhr (STG) in German means Assault Rifle. It would also be a good history lesson for those 8 year old too.

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    The problem is that there were a LOT of games made covering that era and I think they decided to take a break. I could see a game going back and doing that at some point, but not anytime soon for COD.


    BTW - You said "I have not played a call of duty game since Black opps 2"...I just want to point out that none of has until November .  Good luck with waiting it out.

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    There is something about WW2 that these current CoD games can't touch. Its just an amazing time that can be glorified and romanticized like no other. Pretty odd since it was so horrific.


    I would love to see them revisit someday.

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    I'd like to see a World At War 2 as well. Most of the popular AAA titles that dealt with WW2 have moved onto modern/future warfare... There are still a few WW2 shooters being released here and there, but they don't offer the same close quarter experience that CoD does.


    If Treyarch made another WW2 game I could most likely buy it.

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    I feel like World War 2 and modern war games have been done to death.

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    World War II is the reason so many franchises are successful. Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and Battlefield have World War II to thank for millions of dollars. Activision knows this. You can bet your ass with the conclusion of Black Ops 2 (and the World at War storyline) that Activision has 100% at the very least considered Call of Duty 2014 to be a WWII game. Call of Duty: Ghosts is the first IW CoD on next-gen and is a completely new story. It is a surefire thing that Treyarch's first next-gen game will be a game that features a completely new story as well.


    Here are some dates of the last WWII video games. It is nearly 2014, keep in mind.

    Last Call of Duty WWII game: 2008

    Last Medal of Honor WWII game: 2007

    Last Battlefield WWII game: 2009  (arcade game)

    Last Brothers in Arms WWII game: 2008

    Last Battlestrike WWII game: 2008


    WWII video games have been beaten senseless the beginning of the decade and as a result a drought occurred. This is yet another reason why Call of Duty 2014 will be set in 2014.


    A WWII shooter would be a very refreshing change of pace, and Activision knows this.

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    I Agree with some of what you were saying but I have played every call of duty made. i like the way they have all turned out however I find that world at war was by far one of the best along with modern warfare 2, I think that they should make a second world at war as looking back now I can see how much I liked tht game although times have moved on and a lot of companys have made a game like that at somepoint I feel that they should make it, I though the black ops games weren't that great. making a second world at war might not be such a bad idea because they are so used to doing more modern styled games now.

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    Since they seem to have a modern shooter and a futuristic shooter, they could very well make a World At War 2 as it was one of the greatest CoDs ever, and I'm not even a fan of WW2. However, a WW2 game would break in the cycle a bit without having to be yearly or WW2 all the time. It could be every 3 years (CoD is now a 3 year dev cycle). Furthermore, there's no other WW2 game like a CoD WW2 game.




    World At War was the first CoD to bring 4 Player Campaign Co-op

    World At War used the formula that made CoD4 so successful

    World At War brought zombies (I know that has nothing to do with main game, but it's highly popular to this day)

    World At War brought bigger maps for bigger fights and it makes more sense to do big fights in the WW2 era. It could be the first and only CoD on consoles since years ago to have more than 12 players and bring the feeling of war (PC benefited from this with 32 players)

    World At War brought better graphics for its time and with the newer consoles out, it can really be pushed much further like thunderstorms and rain effects (probably limb dismemberment too). Just don't make the colors yellow and brown only, even if it is for authenticity

    World At War could expand on vehicles like CoD United Offensive (PC) or CoD3 (console) the CoD way

    World At War was the last CoD with real player dedicated servers

    World At War - Bolt-Action Rifles, Tommyguns, Browning, etc.




    I was one of those who said WW2 games need to go, but really, it's ok if they're not over saturating the market and everyone is doing them. If I were going to play a WW2 game, it would be a CoD version and it would be similar to Call Of Duty World At War.

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    I would love to see another WW2 Call of duty

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    Some of you are right about the whole WWII stuff. There has been a lot, and I mean a lot of war games revolving around that time era, but it wouldn't hurt to see another one. I mean it has been 6 going on 7 years since the last full WWII game. But I also think a modern day CoD would be good too.