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GH 6 Drum Set for Wii


Hello guys!     I am Smelyegg.      I am 36th on Move It On Over for the drums on the Leader Board


I am looking for a new GH 6 Drum Kit in new condition to replace my broken GH 4 drum kit.

Can you please link me with a site that sells one and ships one to Canada.   Thank you.

Hello guys

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    Getting it new will be quite hard but try Amazon or ebay

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    It didn't take me long to realize GH drum kits are cheap crap ( especially the cymbals ) and not to spend a cent on another one.


    I use an electronic drum kit, plugged into the body of the GH drum kit via a MIDI cable. I also had to wire the ride cymbal and snare separately because my kit does not have programmable MIDI settings. 


    My setup is wired like this;

    (not the MIDI note numbers if you end up doing this and getting a kit with programmable MIDI)


    Red Pad: Note 38 - my kit has no match, wired from snare plug on GH kit

    Yellow Pad: Note 46 - hi-hat

    Blue Pad: Note 48 - tom 1

    Green Pad: Note 45 - tom 2

    Orange Pad: Note 49 - my kit has no match, wired from ride cymbal on GH kit

    Purple Pad (Kick Pedal): Note 36 - tom 3

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      Yeah, Activision's Standard Drumkits are a piece of ****, but it is the cheapest if you don't have an electronic drum kit ^^
      I agree with you that if you have an electronic kit, you should use that

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        Really did not want Mr. Egg spending that kind of money (700+ CDN) on a GH kit instead though. That's for sure.

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          I would not pay that much anyhow but thanks for the concern. It took five year until my drums broke. My drums got fixed today (again),and I expect them to work for at-most 2 days. I will soon get electronic drums soon. I hope to get to the top ten on the LB of some song. I am 30th on Gamma Ray (GH5), 35th on Move It On Over and 84th on Been Caught Steeling (GH6).

          Any idea of which electronic drums or best for GH? I know so far that Yamaha,Alesis,Roland and Ddrum's are pretty good.