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Skylanders Swap Force forgets accolades


Every so often while I load up my save in Skylanders Swap Force, all of my Collection Accolades reset to zero for what seems like no reason and I have no idea what causes it.  It still remembers all of the skylanders that have been scanned in, so scanning them again does nothing.  The only solution I know is to delete the save and start over.  It's happened to me twice now and it is making it hard to play the game if the accolades will reset.

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    Greetings Terriermon,


    That does sound quite odd. During the times that the accolades are reset, did you log into your console account before or after you started up the game? What could potentially be occurring is that you load up the game before logging into your console account and the game does not recognize any accolades.


    With that being said, what console are you currently playing on?




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      Huh.  Looking back at the message, I really did forget to state what console.  It is the Wii U.  It should have me logged in before it even loads up so that should not be the problem.


      I had it at one point say on my save that it was still at a Portal Master Rank of 10 and upon loading it was only at 2.  All other accolades I had completed were there and it had my Mii in the top corner of the saves screen saying I had a collection of 123 Skylanders before loading the save.  After it loaded it still said 123 skylanders in my collection, just nothing in the Collection Accolades completed.

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      Any chance of this game-breaking bug getting fixed on the Wii U? It's clear that it is a problem, and there are people who have spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on these games. Is it too much to ask to get this fixed?

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    i have the same problem it is getting annoying to play the game i am not the only  one every body in miiverse are getting fustrated please activision wake up you are starting to loose players i'm even thinking to get the infinity game i don't want to but the fustration is mounting

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    I have the same/similar problem, I have the Wii U version. When I first started the game it worked fine but then, some time later, I noticed that a lot of the collection accolades that I have completed have disappeared. It is only saying now that I have completed 3. I am not sure if this has affected my ranking as I didn't know what rank I was on before I noticed it was wrong. I know I have completed several of them for example "Add 8 blue skylanders to your game", "add both bounce skylanders", "add both rocket". It also says 0/32 green base skylanders in my collection.


    I understand that there will be bugs in games. I would like to know if there is any progress with an update of some sort.


    But none the less, this is a very good game series and enjoy it lots,



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    I am having the same issue on my Wii U. I hope the issue is resolved soon, what is the point of continuing to play if I can't get a 100%, especially when I spent a lot of money on figures to be able to do so. This gives little incentive to buy the additional figures as they are released, if they game is just going to forget I have them.

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    Same problem here.


    I have only one profile in the Wii U version of the game. Went down from Portal Master rank 73 to 61. Understandably with a rank that high I'm not interested in starting a new profile. It must be a glitch in the save file, and I would have thought there should be a workaround to allow us just to reset our collection to containing nothing, then allowing us to add our figures again, one by one. Sure it would take a while to add all my figures, but a darn site less time than restarting the game!!


    Is there a more official way of reporting bugs like this that we should be using???

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    My portal master ranking went from 18 to 10, but the accolades from level 18 remain.