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What perks you like on origins?


Getting 9 of them takes time and a lot of effort running around the map, so please list your favorites from most to least or order you would get them and why.



2.Stamina Up









If playing solo i would get QR a lot sooner, if doing the EE i would replace DeadShot with SpeedCola.

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    1. Jug

    2. Stamin-up

    3. Speed cola

    4. Double tap

    5. QR/Mule kick (depends on solo or MP)

    6. Cherry

    7. Deadshot

    - PHD, really depends whether or not I have the old Ray Gun

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    DT (PHD if I have the ray gun, take DT as my 5th)

    Mule Kick

    Stamin Up



    Deadshit (yes I misspelled it on purpose lol)

    Cherry (I hate this perk with a passion)

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    I usually don't bother digging perks on Origins and play with 5 perks, but my list of perks in order of preference is


    1. Jug

    2. Speed Cola (makes upgrading staffs, kill achievements easier)

    3. Stamina Up

    4. Mule Kick

    5. Double Tap

    6. PHD Flopper

    7. Quick Revive

    8. Electric Cherry

    9. Deadshot Daquiri

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    I always try to dig up the extra slots, but here's my breakdown:


    1. Juggernog (duh)

    2. Stamin-up (faster through mud)

    3. Speed Cola (as always)

    4. Mule Kick (any staff is always my 3rd weapon so I don't lose any guns if I go down)

    5. Electric Cherry (to get out of tight situations)

    6. Deadshot (owns in this map, especially against Panzers)

    7./8. Tie between Quick Revive and PhD Flopper (depending if ray gun is in current loadout)

    9. Double Tap (from chest, can be any slot 5-9 depending on when I stop looking for orange dig spots)

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    hi boybad! i go with you and Brexican :-)

    1 jugg

    2 stamina up (mud)

    3 mule kick (staff is my third)

    4 speed cola (i love speed) or QR (solo)

    (i am a(*edit) digging junkie !)

    5 QR or PHD (warmachine paped -yes lol- with skull behind tank station speeds up rounds, dont flame, my game :-)

    6 cherry (can rescue my noob ass, cool animation :-)

    7 dead shot (love it with galil/RGM2 in a speed run without staves)

    8 double tap (as Mr. Brex said, depending on digging - mostly last, sometimes saved in the box cause i kill mainly with staves)

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    1. Quick Revive (for mistakes)

    2. Juggernog (to prevent mistakes)

    3. Speed Cola (cut down on reload times [I'm OCD with reloading, sometimes])

    4. Mule Kick (3rd gun is always a staff)

    5.Double Tap 2.0 (free perk, and doubles your firepower. Only fools skip Double Tap 2.0)



    1. Juggernog

    2. Speed Cola

    3. Deadshot Daiquiri (Amazing for console players. Auto-aiming for headshots when you ADS rocks)

    4. Mule Kick

    5. Double Tap 2.0


    Almost identical, except Quick Revive for solo (to revive myself), and Deadshot for MP (other players can revive me. I'd rather auto-aim for heads, which will decrease the amount of bullets necessary to kill zombies).

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    Mule kick

    Eelectric cherry(if I'm playing with people that don't go down, if not then stamina up)

    Double Tap

    Since there aren't mustang and sallys I don't use PHD plus the old ray gun just makes crawlers so I don't use that either. As long as I have a shield I don't use QR and I'm not a fan of Dead Shot I can aim at zombies heads myself

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    1- Jug

    2- Double Tap

    3- Speed Cola

    4- Stamina Up

    5- Electric Cherry

    6- Mule Kick

    7- Deadshot

    N/A- Flopper

    N/A- Quick Revive


    I've never used a ray gun on Origins, so i never bought Flopper. I never bought Quick Revive neither, so they can't be on my top 9 I'll get Deadshot with Double Tap from the box, but once i die once, i'll ditch Deadshot for DT So, i didn't really answer your post question. But i never dug up more than 2 extra perk, because i don't need more than 6

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    1. Jugg (always)

    No Order Here:


    Mule Kick

    Speed Cola

    If i dig up more perks then:

    Electric Cherry

    Deadshot Daquiri



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    When I play public matches people start quitting before round 30, and then I usually can have 5 or 6 perks:

    1. Juggernog

    2. Stamin-Up

    3. I pick up random perk if it is: Speed Cola, Deadshot Daiquiri or Double Tap Root Beer.

    4. Another try for random perk from 3.

    5. If I have Juggernog, Stamin-Up, Speed Cola, Deadshot Daiquiri then I get Double Tap Root Beer from Ritual box.

    6. Electric Cherry or Quick Revive (if teammates were going down a lot).

    If I would find more bottles (only once I found 3, usually 2) then I'd take one I didn't take in 6 as my 7th. PhD Flopper as 8th. This leaves me without Mule Kick, which I don't like.

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    In this order


    Phd Flopper

    Electric Cherry 

    (Those two are beast but they need to last longer for radius damage, I would say for the whole game as long as you haveit)

    Deadshot daiquiri

    Quick revive

    Mule Kick


    I left out what perks are the essentials in my book, they are a given so of course I like them.

    Jugger nog

    Speed cola

    Stamin up

    Double tap

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    2.Stamina Up

    3.Electric Cherry

    4.Speed Cola


    6.Mule Kick


    8.Quick Revive


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    1. Dubble tap 2

    2. Deadshot

    3. Jugg.

    4. Stamin up

    5. Speedcola / Electric cherry

    6. Mule kick

    7. Quick revive

    8. PHD



    5.quick  revive  over 6. speedcola and cherry




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    1 Jugg

    2 stamin up ( b4 double tap 2.0 was my favourite)

    3 electric cherry ( handy to walk round with 1 bullet missing from clip for burst effect, and I feel speed cola is useless, if u train zombies it's not needed

    4 speed cola ( because I can use the cherry effect multiple times quicker)

    5 mule kick ( I don't like this perk, screws me over mashing triangle, I wish I could have my 3rd gun assigned to Dpad)

    6 double tap ( love this perk, better than PaPIng IMO especially combined with cheap wall gun ammo)

    7 quick revive

    8 deadshot ( works excellent with hammer, completely negates recoil and we all know this makes hammer suk, although I find the initial auto aim thing sucks, especially when using snipers

    9 phd ( almost useless on this map)

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    I see a lot of people picking Mule Kick over Double Tap 2.. I don't understand that.

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    Main four:

    1.Jugg (obv)

    2.Stamin-Up (makes you move quicker through mud, a must have imo)

    3.Speed Cola (also a must have, especially with lmgs)

    4.Double Tap (I always want this as my fourth in case we head into higher rounds, the extra one comes in handy)

    the rest in this order

    5.Electric Cherry

    6.Quick Revive

    7.Mule Kick

    8.PhD Flopper



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    Jugg and stam only... i like points


    unless the game is going higher than 25

    then i like