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Lost Islands reset to level 1


My game reset on Sunday but I just found this forum. It regularly saved to Activision and I seem to still have the same friends but my entire game is gone back to zero.  I didn't write down what I had so the following is a close guess


Game name: kkonzr

Level 37, 40% to next level

Skylanders: had around half of the characters and most of the companions under 300 gems, plus all but one of the alternate prize skylanders

Coins - around $17000000

gems - around 100

real currency spent - maybe $30

Premium houses- B&B, around 7 fisheries, maybe 5 saloons, surfer dude shack, Cupid flames linger shack, firework zookeeper shack, 2 legendary houses


if saved to Activision, can this be retrieved?  Please help.

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    Hello Kkonzr,


    Very sorry to hear about your reset! At this time I have taken down all of the information you have provided me and will be forwarding it up to our teams for further review. At this time I do not have an exact ETA on when this will be reviewed, but I will update you as soon as I hear something.




    ATVI Support