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I cannot retrieve my game


hi! I'm playing Skylanders Lost Islands for almost a year. Yesterday, when i opened the game, a question appeared asking for my age. after that, i was transferred to a new game. I tried following the procedures (which was posted on your website) but to no avail. Can you help me with this one? I don't want to restart playing this game. Thank you.



Level 30 (40-50% to level 31)

money: 1,400,000+

gems: 8-10

skylander: around 30-45

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    Hello Jp1107,


    Very sorry to hear about your issues with your Lost Islands account. In order to further look into this matter for you, I will need the following information:


    •Activate Name

    •Real world currency invested

    •Other than Ramses, is anything else missing from your account

    •Activate Name

    •Real world currency used on account

    •Level before/after the reset occurred

    •Device being used

    •Date the issue occurred

    •Game Version





    ATVI Support

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      HI JG,


      thank you for your reply. Here are the details:


      Activate name: jpthegreat0711

      Real world currency invested: none

      missing from account: just my saved game

      real world currency: none

      level before and after: level 30 (40-50% to level 31) after i received the question regarding my age, the game started to level 1 with no characters

      device: ios7

      date the issue occured: nov. 1

      game version: latest 1.7.0


      is there a possibility i can still retrieve my game?