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Looking For Clan (Ps3)


My kd is 1.01 but I'm an objective player.All my friends have xbox,so I need a ps3 clan where i can have people to play with. Add me and message me

No Mic

IGN: DJPlague

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    Clan tag gold: Nv13

    Clan name: NvMe


    Link to clan:https://elite.callofduty.com/search?query=NvMe+Nation&type=&isframe=true



    1) Above a 0.95 KDR

    2)15 and older of age

    3) Have to have a Gold and up in League play

    4)Know how to rush and anchor

    5) Gotta be good at Quick Scope

    6) Don't talk trash be a good sport

    7) Always join clan leader when your invited by KdGgOsT

    8) Able to play Modern Warefare 3,Black Ops 2, and Call of Duty Ghost

    9) Must have a mic

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    u dnt need a mic

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    Too bad about your friends on Xbox. their loss bro. lol. i'll have a few MYO guys add you. we'll be grinding all night to prep for ghosts. we've have several new recruits yesterday. we're kinda picky, but not about kd or any of that bs. we want active players. that's why when u log on, there's always MYO guys ready to play with u. if u want to check out the site go to myoclan.com. register and use the shoutbox to get to know some of the guys and get a feel for us. "You're going to like the way you game, I guarantee it."


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