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I just feel the need to express my disappointment in....


I just feel the need to express my disappointment in this Special Edition Eye Brawl.

You have Legedary Skylanders, and Dark Editions, and other Special Skylanders that show up on the screen...

If you're going to make "Special" Skylanders, then please make them ALL show up on the screen how they do on the portal.

My son was so heartbroken, b/c he'd done nothing but ask for Pumpkin Eye Brawl since we first saw the pic, and we were going to go ahead and get him one for Halloween.  He was SO EXCITED when he saw it at the store, that he could not wait to put it on the display portal and make him come to life. When he saw regular Eye Brawl pop up on the screen, he got real sad (I thought he was going to cry), and actually put it back on the shelf!


Now that says something when a 2 1/2 year old that wants EVERY Skylander he sees, puts one back on the shelf b/c he's just THAT disappointed.

Skylanders Game, please please PLEASE redo this character the RIGHT way, and make so many people happy, including my son.



*I would like to add that, yes, my 2 1/2 year old collects the Skylanders, and we have all 3 games, but he can't control the Wii remote yet, so my husband and I play while he swaps out his characters on the portal and directs us how to play.

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    I have a 6 year old that also was extremly dissapointed. It took him a few days before he wanted to play it. This is a game made for kids and there is nothing to warn them up front that the character do not look like this in game. We wanted to see pumpkins on the ground when he did his "Up my brothers!"...

    So my question to Activision now will be: Will the Jolly Bumble Blast and the Springtime Trigger Happy also be only painjob variations that will appear just the same as the other figures in game, or will those actually live up to the expectations of showing up as variants in game?