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Back in Black


Anybody else returning to BO2 already? I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm a Treyarch fan and not a COD fan. Thanks for the last year guys and I'm not going anywhere soon.

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    I did have a play tonight after not playing for 6 months and it's still rubbish. I always preferred Treyarch games too (WaW is still my fav) but the connections in BOps2 suck and always have. Open NAT, wired to 30mb connection and I can't get a good game. I'm always one step behind everyone else. I get shot before I can react and I get hit markers all the time. Then when I do get a few kills and a killstreak, I end up as host. I started to think that maybe I just suck but I'm good at all other FPS games and previous CoD titles.


    It has been flawed since release. There's no excuse for it. It wasn't just me either. At least 5 of my friends played on Xbox too and at their houses, with different variations in connections, it was always the same. On a good night over a 3hr session we may get 5 games that are good and I always had the feeling it was only because everyone else was lagging. It was either too easy to kill people or impossible to keep up.


    WaW was bad at times but when there was some lag, everybody lagged. I managed to play for 3 months without even opening ports then when I did, my game was much better. That's just to emphasise that even with a bad, restricted connection, I was still able to play WaW. I went back to WaW before I stopped playing BOps2 and experienced fair games. This was the same when I joined some of the loyal MW1 players. Again, some spikes in lag here and there but overall, fair games. BOps2? Wtf did they do?

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    Infinity Ward screwed me with Ghosts. I'm coming back to Black Ops

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    I never had any intention of leaving Black Ops 2 as Its my favorite COD by far.

    I don't regret purchasing MW3 big map slow level up edition as variety is needed some time however Treyarch games are far more suited to my play style and seem to lag a lot less too.

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    I'm baaaack!


    I also came to a conclusion that I'm a Treyarch fan and not a COD fan. I don't know what IW was smoking when they made Ghost. It felt as I was playing BF3. Im going to try my best to give it one more try if it can't grow on me then I'm selling my copy. I feel sorry for those who bought digital copies and can't trade or sell it.


    The only beef I had with Treyarch was the reskined maps. Other than that 3arc is superior to IW.

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    Hate to say this but Black ops plays as smooth as silk compared to the new Ghosts, the fluidity of Blops has ghosts beat by a mile, it looks cheap as well, wished i never spent my hard earned money on it, total crap and very disappointed.

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      I remember playing the Wii port of Black Ops at 30fps and that's what Ghosts reminds me of movement wise and visually. It's so depressing just being on one of those grey, washed out maps. I feel like I need to clean my glasses and I don't wear any. Maybe I'm a child who likes bright colours but BO2 is just so much more pleasing to the eye.

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    I've been back since early December. Recently had some mates invite me to have another try at Ghosts ,and to

    help me improve on the game. Their efforts failed and I snapped the disc in two in frustration. Such garbage was the game.

    I play Blops2 every evening with some mates ,and although not the best at all I still enjoy it. Ghosts just was not fun at all.

    Paid $60 for it and was only offered $15 trade in. It's better off broken so some poor chap does not blow his hard earned coin

    on  it.

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      I agree with you totally, I guess I didn't have the Skill level or the desire for Ghost. Let the hot shots play it. Campaign is okay though, so i will still get some value out of it.

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    why would you ever go ghost? you must be a multiplayer fan. zombies is were its at. come play grief its zombie players vs zombie players see whos the best, never gets old, by far the best.

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    Agreed completely- I got back to BO2 in December, reset my stats and am about to hit Master Prestige again.  The game is great and the games have been really good.  Good players with good map knowledge and who are really good at using all the BO2 tactics and gear.  Ghosts is junk compared to BO2.  BTW- I have had only minimal and reasonable connection issues- not enough to spoil the game at all.

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    I don't think I will stop playing BO2 any time soon.  I have Ghosts, but I always find myself replacing it with BO2.  I feel like the huge maps on Ghosts drain me after a few games.  I also find BO2 funner to play with a team than Ghosts.  I wish the new COD hadn't changed so much from previous releases.  The new DLC is okay, but I'm still not fully sold on putting down BO2 for Ghosts.

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    I'M BACK BABY!! I gave Ghosts a fair chance to win me over but in the end...Black Ops wins. I am not sure I can put my finger on where Ghosts goes wrong , for me, except to say that I get frustrated quickly with all of the WTF deaths in Ghosts. I play BO1 and BO2 and I have smooth game play for hours on end. I play Ghosts and I am frustrated within minutes and basically bored. For me I prefer the frantic fast pace of BO over the slower game play of Ghosts.