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MW3 Clan: ReD



Sniping & Reg guns, no LMGs or Shotguns.

Hello! I have decided to start a new clan for MW3 -- ReD, as you can probably see from the title. I'm recruiting members who are the following: Kind, Respectful And Friendly. Some things you must have before applying: You have to be at least rank 80, no prestige, you can't rage every time you die, or call people "hackers" after you die. You have to understand that it's just a game, and losing a match won't end the world. Now if you think you're up for it, and you wanna apply, heres the format, if you seem capable of everything, I'll invite you to a private match online, whenever you are.

XBL Gamertag


Special weapon

Your specialty

Why you want to join