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Switching to X1 or PS4?


Its been awhile since i've been posting anything on here, but im back for now.

Unimportant info aside, im getting a Xbox One soon, however im not dishing out another 60 dollars on the same game again. If you guys are getting the "next gen" consoles, are you getting Ghosts on them and leaving the Wii U version behind?

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    If you already burned money on the Wii U version, you're going to go through post-purcahse rationalization and there really is no point in getting Ghosts for the Xbone or PS4 unless you got a shitload of disposable income.

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    Lol If you bought your Wii U ONLY FOR COD GAMES, then you prolly should because it's not entirely meant for COD games. I'm still looking forward for the Nintendo exclusives such as Super Smash Bros U. Can't wait! I've been playing on Nintendo since I was a kid, so I'm not gonna give up on it because of a bad experience on a COD game

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    thats the way im looking at it.


    My friends play Xbox version and will be getting the XBone. So i think i may too.  Then i wont have to read threads about DLC and wiimote disadvantages(including my own )

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      If I could use sticks for shooters, id have bought an xbox years ago. If I was buying a next gen id go for ps4, coz I like Sony. I still might get one soon as Ghosts has pretty much finished cod for me, after BO2, and the lag issues etc, I just dont have the hunger to play Ghosts and its only 9 days old. I dont like the maps, the guns, the dullness of the game, the poor streaks, the lack of players in certain modes, and the communitys playstyle in general. No emblems, no combat records, just all very basic stuff. Its feels like a rushed copy and paste job to rake in the profit. Not a happy gamer at the moment, dont like Ghosts, cant go back to BO2 coz no players. Dont like other games

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    depends. X1 will probly be better for shooters, PS4 will probly be better for gamming overall. im getting neather since i got a gamming rig that owns them so the only meaningful argument they have to me is which exclusives they have, that will likly be sony overall. i wouldnt rebuy cod though.


    i also wouldnt recemend getting at launch, they both have the annoying few launchgames+ drought shortly after issue. the drought probly wont be as bad as wiiU's but it will be there. PS4 does have more power but X1 is much better designed for its purposes than PS4.

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    If you're a DA shooter then change, but if you're a mote user what options do you have?

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    PS4 when watchdogs comes out, unless I get a girlfriend by then.



    So yeah, PS4. 99% sure of it. Not buying ghosts on it, because why.

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    I don't wanna spend anymore on this so called next gen PS4 & Xbox One. It's like burning money. I asked myself what could possibly make me get a PS4 on launch? The launch games that I like on PS4 more or least I already got on Wii U. I barely able to finish my games on Wii U so it makes no sense getting another console. If I'll go power pissing the I don't need a PS4 or Xbox One as I already have a gaming PC.

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    Not buying them at the moment due to lack of funding towards their high price point. I'll only start to think about it once i get a part time job, but even then my 45 (estimate) video game backlog, research, anime, manga and book reading backlogs all take priority, as well as school too, over buying another console. So yeah, chances of me buying another platform to play games on isn't that high. I already have a Wii/Wii U, PS3 and PC, so what more do i need right now?