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Good aim is essential to having fun and improving your results in CoD.


Here is a drill that will get you a noticeable improvement in your aiming skills in under an hour.




1. Set up a private bots match as follows;


     - Core FFA

     - Max bots all recruit grade

     - Unlimited time and score

     - Double health

     - Radar on


2. Set up your Player


     - Scavenger

     - Remaining Perks are anything you want - wise to select those you use most;

     - No streaks

     - No Equip, no tactical


3. Weapon


     - Select your AR of choice

     - Fit your AR with iron sights only no other attachments (you can use a red dot if irons are just too          hard)


4. Rules


     - 4 kills between re-loads

     - Count each kill under you breath (swearing is allowed if you can't get to 4 before a reload )

     - 200 kills min.


No matter how good or how bad your aim, by the end of 200 kills your will notice;


     - You are burst burst firing.

     - Your aiming accuracy has improved.

     - You have developed a nice stead pace and rhythm.

     - While it was hard at first you started hit a nice rhythm 100-150 kills into the drill and it felt                    smooth, powerful and natural


Closing comments to improve even further and have more fun;


     - Practice this drill weekly

     - Try more difficult weapons progressively


Yours in CoDly goodness


old gallp




     - For those interested in why this works PM old gallp if enough folks do so you humble                            correspondent is happy to post a "how it works" piece.